The Equipment You’ll Need To Start a Brewery

The Equipment You’ll Need To Start a Brewery
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    Creating a brewery is no small feat, but the potential rewards are great.

    Not only can you make a delicious product that people will love, but you can also build a successful business.


There’s a lot of equipment you’ll need to start a brewery. Below is a list of essential pieces of brewing equipment that you’ll need to create your first batch of beer.

Malt Mill

A malt mill crushes grain so that it can be boiled and turned into the wort. Wort is the liquid extract of brewing that contains the sugars to get fermented into alcohol.

You’ll need a malt mill to crush your grain before you brew. This mill will help you extract more sugar from the grain, leading to higher alcohol content in your final product.

Mash Tun

A mash tun converts the starch in the grain into sugars that can be fermented. The mash tun is where the magic happens in brewing beer.

You’ll need to mash your grains to extract the sugars to ferment into alcohol. This sugar is an essential step in the brewing process, and you’ll need a mash tun to do it.


The fermenter is where the fermentation process takes place. A fermenter converts the sugar in the wort into alcohol. The most common type of fermenter is the conical fermenter.

Choosing a suitable fermenter is a big business decision in brewing. You’ll want to select a fermentor that is the right size for your batch size and has the features you need.

Brewing Tank

The brewing tank is where the wort boils and adds hops to the process. The brewing tank also has a spigot at the bottom for draining the wort into the fermenter.

Different types of brewing tanks like a brite tank or serving tank can work well for storing the beer after it has fermented.

Pumps and Kegs

Last, you’ll need pumps and kegs to move the beer from the fermenter to the serving tank.

Pumps transfer the wort from the brew kettle to the fermenter. Kegs store and dispense the beer.

Dispensing Equipment

You’ll need dispensing equipment like a beer tap or growler to get your delicious beer into people’s hands.

Even if you aren’t open to the public, you’ll need a way to serve your beer.A simple beer tap will do the trick.

Packaging Equipment

If you want to package your beer to sell, you’ll need some packaging equipment. The most common type of packaging for beer is bottles, but cans are becoming more popular as well.

You’ll need a way to get your beer into people’s hands, and packaging is best. Bottles and cans are the most common types of packaging for beer, but there are other options as well.

These are just a few of the equipment you’ll need to start your brewery. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it should give you an idea of the equipment you’ll need to get started.

You’ll be brewing your beer and serving it to friends and family in no time.

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