Steps To Take Before Opening a Healthcare Clinic

Steps To Take Before Opening a Healthcare Clinic
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    Healthcare clinics play an essential role in society. They support, aid, and foster healthier local communities through a wide range of services.


Whether you want to run a dental clinic, veterinary office, or general practice, here are some essential steps to take before opening a healthcare clinic.

Obtain Professional Licensing

Aside from obtaining the necessary medical degrees, running a healthcare clinic requires various legal licenses before being able to operate. One license required for all clinics is a state medical license.

Gaining a state medical license gives you the approval to move forward with running a clinic, shows your expertise, and ensures you understand the local laws and repercussions. Other potential licenses and certifications states mandate include liability insurance certification, a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) permit, tax ID, and a state business license. Each state establishes specific protocols and procedures for its jurisdiction.

Decide Whether To Buy an Existing Clinic or Start a New One

Starting from scratch or buying an existing clinic comes with various pros and cons. Starting from the ground allows you to customize and dictate all the different parts of a business.

Meanwhile, purchasing an existing clinic streamlines many of the processes. It sets you up with a predetermined business plan, preestablished patient relationships, and an existing brand.

Determine the Type of Practice You’ll Offer

Medical practices operate under various conventions, from solo practices, group practices, and direct primary care to independent contracting. The type of practice you choose to operate under dictates the way your clinic operates, who you’ll cater to, the size of your clinic, who you work with, and different financial options.

Deciding on the best practice method for your needs depends on your business goals, the kind of operation you want to run, and the influence you want to have in the healthcare industry.

Solo practices put a lot of the work on your shoulders. They function as smaller clinics focused on building stronger relationships with the local community.

You’ll be in charge of all the business, medical, and financial management. On the other side of the scale, group practices allow you to work alongside various partners and offer different care services.

Choose a Medical Billing System

Like different practice conventions, there are also various types of billing systems to consider. The main medical billing methods used in the healthcare industry are closed and open arrangements.

Closed billing uses electronic medical records (EMR) that only the direct clinic and physician involved handle. Open billing systems allow medical records to be accessed and handled beyond just a single practice.

It creates a more collaborative business approach and builds relationships with other companies and clinics.

Comply With Governmental Regulations

OSHA and HIPAA compliance are the two main governmental regulations mandated by the US government that all healthcare practices must comply with. Both legal requirements establish the optimal security, health, and safety standards your practice and clinic must operate under.

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Learning how to pass a HIPAA and OSHA audits ensures your business’ success and the safety of all parties involved, from the employees to patients. Meeting OSHA and HIPAA compliance finalizes the list of steps you need to accomplish before opening your clinic’s doors and starting operations.

There are many other steps to take before opening a healthcare clinic, including making marketing plans, buying necessary equipment, and hiring the right staff. However, these five steps cover some of the major decisions and actions you need to make in order to get the ball running on operating a successful clinic.

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