How To Safely Carry Your Business Cards To Events

How To Safely Carry Your Business Cards To Events
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    Events have always been a part of the business world.

    Whether it’s a conference or some other kind of gathering, business professionals routinely gather to learn from each other and network.


While large events were often suspended due to COVID-19, they’re starting to make a comeback, and business professionals need to be prepared. Part of that preparation is having business cards ready to take to an event.

But paper business cards can be flimsy, and you don’t want to damage them in your pocket or briefcase before arriving to the event. Keep reading to learn how to safely carry your business cards to events.

Business Card Case

One way to keep your business cards safe while travelling to an event is to store them in a special business card case. These cases are slightly larger than a standard 3.5”x2.0” rectangular business card, so they can easily hold a stack of cards.

Business card cases often resembled small wallets, but as their name suggests, they only hold business cards. This protects the cards and keeps them organized so you don’t have to fumble around for your cards when trying to hand them out.

Business Portfolio

If you’d rather have something a little bigger than a card case, then consider carrying your cards in a business portfolio. These portfolios resemble book covers and most are around 13”x10” with pockets on the inside and outside.

While they’re designed to hold more than just business cards, unlike the business card case which only holds cards, they’re still small enough to comfortably hold at events, and you can easily keep your cards in one of the many pockets.

Since most portfolios have multiple pockets, you can even designate one pocket for your business cards to hand out and one pocket for the cards you receive.

Different Business Card Materials

While business card cases and business portfolios are two valid ways to carry and protect paper business cards, you may want to try a new business card material that requires less protection. Plastic business cards look like paper, but they’re waterproof and won’t tear or fold, which means they won’t need a special case.

However, they can still get bent if left in a pants pocket or another moving environment for too long. You can avoid this by investing in wooden or metal business cards.

Although these materials are heavier than paper and plastic, they’re much more durable and will make a great first impression. You can safely carry your business cards to events in business card cases and business portfolios, or you can invest in business cards made from more durable materials.

Any of these solutions provide you with the opportunity to hand over a clean, professional card that will make a great first impression for your business.

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