How To Give Your Small Business a Facelift

How To Give Your Small Business a Facelift
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    Has your business had the same brand and aesthetic for many years?

    It might be time for a facelift!

    Learn how to refresh your small business with our guide.


A small business can’t rely on offering customers the same thing for long—they have to adapt to retain and attract new customers. If your business needs a refresh, explore our tips on how to give your small business a facelift.

Define Your Audience

Before giving your small business a facelift, you must ensure that your new look won’t threaten the relationship with your primary customers. We don’t have to tell you the significance of knowing your target audience as well as possible.

Pro Tip: If you don’t know your target audience, analyze your customers/clients, competitors, and the market your business competes in.

A thriving business understands its target audience, how to spread its message to it, and how to craft an attractive message to that audience. If you haven’t already, closely define your target audience—simply writing it down in a sentence or two can be a helpful reminder throughout the process.

Solicit Client Feedback

The most influential voice for the new look of your business is the customers and clients. So they’re the ones you should be soliciting feedback from on how to best change the company.

What do they like or not like about your business’s branding and look? Did it make a good first impression on them? The answers to these simple questions can be enlightening and incredibly valuable.

Get an Outside Perspective

Since you’re so heavily invested in your business, having a fair perspective on its aesthetic can be difficult. So getting an outside viewpoint from someone whose opinion you value can be beneficial in giving your business a fresh look.

Consider asking other small business owners you know or others involved in the industry. A friend who knows nothing about your business can offer the fresh perspective of a potential customer, providing valuable insight into how your business looks to regular people.

Update Your Signage

Your signage is the first impression of your business to potential customers and those entering your place of business for the first time, so it must be an excellent first impression. You may be nostalgic for it, but old signs can often make a small business look out of date.

Consider updating to an LED sign that gives your business a modern, vibrant look and can cycle through info about your company and the latest promotions and deals. Make sure you select the right outdoor LED sign for your small business, as they’re not all the same.

Refresh Your Website

Physical signage for brick-and-mortar stores and businesses is still significant to a thriving business, but most modern customers will first interact with a small business’s website. Whether they’re looking for contact information, want to purchase services, or want to know more, a business’s website is essential to providing an excellent first impression.

Too often, small business owners ignore the digital side of branding with a bare-bones website. A refreshed site can give a business new energy and enhance the overall customer experience.

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