What To Look For When Buying Salon Chairs

What To Look For When Buying Salon Chairs
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    Whether you’re starting a salon for the first time or are trying to revamp your salon, you probably already know that client experience is everything.

    There are many parts of the client experience puzzle that you as the owner have to solve, and one of the most important ones is comfortable seating.


Keep reading to learn what to look for when buying salon chairs so that when you open or re-open your doors, your clients will come into a comfortable salon experience.

Size and Support

Comfort is the top priority when buying chairs for your salon. Whether someone’s spouse is waiting for an hour while their significant other gets their hair done or they’re sitting through a long wax appointment themselves, your customers need to be comfortable. The best way to guarantee that a chair is comfortable is to make sure it’s the right size and offers the right amount of support.

Don’t fall into the temptation of choosing small chairs for your salon so that you can fit more of them in the space. Your clients, and those potentially waiting on them, will be all shapes and sizes.

Small chairs may save you space, but they will make people of bigger shapes and sizes uncomfortable. Look for larger chairs that can still fit in your business but offer comfort for all body sizes and types.

Your chairs will also need to offer the right amount of support. Something too hard will leave clients with sore backsides and a desire to never return.

Something too soft will make them sink and keep them unstable through the waxing or cutting process, which could lead to bad results. Look for a chair that offers a small imprint when you sit in it but recovers quickly and supports the spine.

Easy To Clean Material

Depending on the services you offer, there’s probably cut hair gathering in corners, hairspray coating a mirror, and dots of dripped wax on the floor. You have to choose a chair that can hold up to all this use.

The biggest factor in how easy a chair is to clean is the material. Look for a smooth, non-absorbent material that is easy to wipe clean and can withstand both hot and cold liquids. Consider a material like vinyl or leather for the best results.

Nice To Look At

The fact is that potential clients will judge the comfortability of a space with their eyes as soon as they walk in. That means you need to pick chairs in a soothing color that compliments the rest of your salon’s color schemes. Even if bright colors are in your color scheme, a neutral chair with obvious cushioning will look most inviting.

There’s a lot to look for when buying salon chairs, but size, support, material, and aesthetics are some of the most important factors. If you want to draw your clients back again and again, offer a great customer experience that starts with comfortable chairs and grows from there.

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