Common Allergies To Watch Out for in Your Beauty Salon

Common Allergies To Watch Out for in Your Beauty Salon
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    As a hair stylist, you work with a variety of people all day long.

    Everyone has different wants and needs for their hair, and it’s your job to give them what they want.


It’s also your job to keep them safe during the process. One of the biggest safety issues that people face while getting their hair done is coming in contact with allergens.

If you know what to keep an eye out for, you can help keep them safe. Read here to learn about some common allergies to watch out for in your beauty salon.

Fragrance Allergens

One of the most common ingredients in beauty salon products that can cause an allergic reaction is fragrances. Many salons also use fragrances around the area to help it smell better.

No matter how the fragrances get into your shop, you need to stay aware of how they can hurt people. Some people will have problems breathing if they inhale certain fragrances.

If they know that they’re so allergic that they could go into anaphylactic shock, they should warn you before you use any products on them. But even if they don’t warn you about any fragrance allergies, you should still check before applying it.

Fragrance allergens can also cause rashes, itchy eyes, and other less serious reactions. Again, checking with your client before applying any product with fragrance is the best way to protect them from having a reaction in the first place.

Metal Allergens

There are lots of metal tools that hair stylists use to give clients the look that they want, but unfortunately, a lot of people have metal allergies. While the best metal for hair cutting shears is often steel or alloy, which is a rare metal allergen, there are other metals you need to watch out for.

Nickel and gold are the two most common metal allergens, and they often appear in alloys and by themselves to create all kinds of tools, including hairdressing tools.

Check with your client to see whether they have any metal allergies before using metal on them. While the metal will probably only touch their hair, not their skin, any leftover residue from the metal could cause an allergic reaction, which no one wants.

Dyes and Chemicals

Like fragrances, many hair care products you use in your salon probably have dyes and chemicals in them. Many people are allergic to a variety of dyes and chemicals, so check with your client before using anything that isn’t all-natural.

Even some natural dyes and chemicals can cause allergic reactions, so check before using them as well. The most common dyes and chemicals that cause allergic reactions are p-phenylenediamine, or PPD, and coal tar.

If any of your products have these on their ingredient list, warn your clients before using them. Someone who hasn’t used these items before may discover an allergic reaction.

Common allergies to watch out for in your beauty salon are fragrance, metal, dye, and chemical allergies. While you may find it difficult to accommodate people with different allergies at your salon, doing so will help everyone have a comfortable space to feel pampered.

Take a few extra minutes to check with clients about allergens, and then you can safely serve them.

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