Am I Too Old? How To Become a Firefighter at Any Age

Am I Too Old? How To Become a Firefighter at Any Age
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    There are roadblocks in life—and one of them is figuring out your calling.

    The one career path you swore you saw yourself pursuing might not actually be the one you do the rest of your life.


While it happens at any age, it’s never too late to research and connect with those in a field you find yourself drawn to. So, to be truthful, the entire, “Am I too old?” question is common, especially for those wanting to learn how to become a firefighter at any age.

Is There an Age Limit for Becoming a Firefighter?

This question has more answers than anything, but every fire station’s different, meaning they may have an upper age limit or a cut-off age for trainee firefighters. The one thing affecting the age thing is retirement.

On average, firefighters retire at 57, or whenever they hit the 20-year mark in their career. However, before jumping in, consider becoming a volunteer firefighter first, so you can see for yourself the day-to-day work life and get a head start in training.

What Is an Upper Age Limit?

There is a term used in fire departments called an upper age limit. The upper age limit means that there’s a certain age where someone younger may do something better than someone older. This isn’t meant to discriminate, but more to inform the potential rookie that there’s an area they can improve in.

That also doesn’t mean there’s no chance you’ll ever become a firefighter—many firefighters have started in their 30s, 40s, and even 50s. However, it all depends on what the needs are for the station and what resources they can provide you with.

Do I Go Through the Same Training as Everyone Else?

As with going back to school to pursue an undergraduate degree, you’ll take classes with individuals of all ages; this is a sign that everyone pursues passions all the time. As for firefighters, everyone trains the same lessons but goes at their own pace.

During your training session, you and other trainees learn about the different firefighter equipment used on the job. Remember that it’s never too late to return to school and find something you’re passionate about.

Tips for Succeeding as an Older Firefighter

As an older firefighter, it’s still imperative that you remain focused on improving your skills. Here are tips for succeeding as an older firefighter:

  • Stay focused
  • Don’t judge others that appear weaker
  • Learn from the younger generation, and let them learn from you
  • Remain humble
  • Connect with others, and don’t keep to yourself

So, reader, when you ask yourself, “Am I too old?,” remember that here, you’re never too old to learn how to become a firefighter at any age. When life brings you opportunities and other paths to pave your career, take it, and you’ll realize how much happier you are in a job you love.

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