Why You Should Offer Reusable Gift Cards

Why You Should Offer Reusable Gift Cards
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    Gift cards offer your business the opportunity to reach new people.

    Current patrons can buy gift cards for friends and family, knowing they’ll love what your store offers.


And unfamiliar patrons can come in to purchase gift cards as gifts for people who already know and love your merchandise. In the process, they may realize they want to shop with you too.

Take advantage of these new customers by going beyond offering basic gift cards by having reusable gift cards. Making them reusable is one way to customize gift cards, which will set you apart from the competition and bring other benefits to your store. Keep reading to learn why you should offer reusable gift cards.

Bring Customers Back

A reusable gift card lets your business create a returning customer out of a first-time customer. If the customer has come into your store for the first time to use a gift card and discovers that they love what you sell, then they’ll want to come back.

You can make it easier for them to return by offering to help them reload their gift card. While the new money added to the gift card will be theirs and no longer a gift, using a card that’s different from their usual bank card or cash will still make them feel like they’re spending someone else’s money. And they’ll want to return to spend that money.

Help People Manage Money

If your store frequently sells to parents of children and teens, then a reusable gift card is a great idea. Kids and teens need to learn how to manage money, but they can’t get bank cards, and many parents don’t trust them to carry around cash.

A reusable gift card to your store allows the parents to control how much money their children spend while teaching the children healthy spending habits. They can enter the store knowing their card has a certain amount of money on it and learn what they can afford and what they may need to save for. Parents will love this option, and you’ll have families buying your gift cards in no time.

Save Money and the Environment

The first reusable gift card you sell doesn’t have to stay with that person forever. Since it’s reusable, they can regift and share it with other people. That means people will still spend money at your store without you having to restock your gift card selection every month, saving you money. It also means that fewer plastic cards will end up in landfills and hurt the environment.

You should offer reusable gift cards at your store because they will create repeat customers out of first-time customers, offer financial assistance to families, save you money, and help the planet. Reusable gift cards will also help your business stand out from the competition. Overall, they’re a great investment.

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