Tips To Make Coming Back to the Office Enjoyable

Tips To Make Coming Back to the Office Enjoyable
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    Working from home gives people a certain sense of freedom.

    They do their jobs, but they do them while wearing their pajamas and snacking all day.

    It sounds like heaven.


So it might be difficult to convince your employees to return to the office. They don’t want to deal with traffic jams and leaving the comfort of their homes, so here are some tips to make coming back to the office enjoyable.

Give Them Time

Depending on how long you’ve allowed remote work, it may take some time for employees to get back into the swing of things. Be patient. Compared to their home environments, the office environment is entirely different.

There might be moments of stress and frustration, so slowly integrate your employees back into the office. Don’t hit them with it all at once; consider introducing a hybrid system first. Have employees come in one or two times a week before enforcing a five-day in-person workweek.

Try Team Building

Remote workers can sometimes feel isolated. As an employer, you’ve likely used certain resources to keep remote communication fluid on your team. However, it’s not the same as working in person with one another. You’ll need to find new ways to make the workflow natural again.

For the first couple of weeks, consider doing some team-building exercises to get everyone comfortable together again. They can be as simple as icebreakers or playing a round of bingo. Ask your team members if they have any ideas they want to introduce.

Redecorate the Space

It’s a new dawn, and that means a new space to work in. Give the office a makeover and redecorate with some new essential office furniture. Giving the office a facelift will make for exciting times, and the team will want to see how the office has changed.

The place will look better than ever, and new furniture or an added relaxation room might help to improve the productivity of your team. Make sure to clean and sanitize the office every night before your employees come in the next morning.

Encourage Casual Wear

Some of your employees probably love working in their pajamas! Don’t encourage them to come to work in their sleepwear, but don’t make them dress in a completely straitlaced way. Encourage a casual vibe for a little bit, but make sure it remains professional.

You can either have a casual Friday or on the days you require them to come in, you can allow them to wear jeans. This is a nice way of keeping your employees comfortable and bringing a little bit of relaxation into the workplace.

Plan a Party

To kick things off, throw a party! Plan for either a happy hour or a party at the office. This can be an after-work event or something that starts midday and carries on.

Come up with a theme for the party. Consider making a joke out of time spent doing remote work by throwing a pajama party. This will be the perfect combination of work and home life.

Coming back to the office does not have to be a drag. If you plan it properly, it can be very enjoyable for you and your employees.

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