Why Should You Avoid Inaccessible Documents?

Why Should You Avoid Inaccessible Documents?
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    Digital resource accessibility refers to creating online resources that are easy to consume for everyone – including those with disabilities or different abilities.

    It can help bring all digital assets like websites, documents, and applications under the presently recognized standards of accessibility.


In the corporate world today, diversity and inclusion are a part of all policies and practices. Therefore, many businesses are opting for accessibility remediation exercises using a document accessibility tool.

Businesses that wish to create a better user experience for their consumers with visual, hearing, or other impairments should avoid creating Inaccessible documents. They will not only steer a significant section of users away from you but may also create an inaccurate impression about your organization and brand.

Here are some essential reasons why your business should avoid Inaccessible documents –

  • Inaccessibility Attracts Lawsuits –

    In 2021 alone, more than 4000 digital inaccessibility lawsuits were filed in the United States. {SOURCE} Over the last five years, digital inaccessibility cases have risen manifold.

    Websites are recognized as places of public accommodation under Title III of the ADA, and any website that hosts digitally inaccessible content may file a lawsuit against any member of society.

    And so, it is best to avoid inaccessible digital resources on your website. If you upload a PDF document on your website, that too should adhere to recognized standards of accessibility.

  • Limits the Reach of Your Business –

    Hosting Inaccessible documents may cost you valuable business opportunities. Websites gain popularity and search engine rankings based on their ease of use. When users find your website inconvenient or don’t get the information they need, they are bound to leave.

    In the United States, disposable income in the hands of people with disabilities is comparable to the African American demographic or the Hispanic market. {SOURCE} People living with disabilities are a section of your target customer base, and your business cannot afford to ignore their needs.

  • Reputation Damage –

    Today, urban consumers are interested in knowing which brands support good causes and embrace diversity. Even if a cause doesn’t directly impact the consumer, they are more likely to favor a brand that supports accessibility rather than a brand that doesn’t.

Avoiding Inaccessible documents may help you inspire loyalty and trust among your target customer base. If your digital resources are inaccessible, those inconvenienced by it may talk about it on social media or in a negative review online.

As the word spreads, it could affect your business reputation.

Benefits of Avoiding Inaccessible documents

There are numerous benefits of avoiding Inaccessible documents in the corporate world. Some of them are listed below –

  • Helps steer clear of lawsuits and discrimination from consumers.
  • Helps your brand reach a wider audience by promoting inclusivity.
  • Improves SEO ranking and usability of a website.
  • Websites with 100% accessible resources have a higher-quality code base.
  • Helps build a favorable reputation for a business that supports diversity and inclusion.

Remediating your digital resources to ensure accessibility for all helps your business reach the maximum number of people on the internet. Accessibility will ensure that people visiting your website find the user experience engaging, easy to navigate, and helpful.

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It prompts users to revisit the website and leave a good word about it when they can. Avoiding Inaccessible documents and creating an inclusive online presence can do wonders for customer acquisition and brand loyalty.

Author Bio:
Emilie Brown works with the Digital Marketing team at PREP, an AI-based remediation software that enables businesses to create WCAG and ADA compliant PDFs in minutes.

Her approach and methodology is simple, concise and to-the-point and connects with readers seeking for solution-driven content on topics related to accessibility and remediation. Apart from her time at work, she loves to spend time with her dog, volunteer and play her guitar.

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