Warm Treats to Add to Your Restaurant Winter Menu

Warm Treats to Add to Your Restaurant Winter Menu
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    When the weather is cold outside, people want to come indoors and warm up.

    While this isn’t good news for restaurants specializing in cold items like salads and ice cream, it incentivizes you to expand your restaurant’s menu.


If your restaurant doesn’t already have a winter menu, consider creating one to excite familiar patrons and bring in new ones. Make sure to add some warm treats to that menu as well so that patrons can get cozy and relax in your establishment.

If you’re not sure what warm treats to add, we have a list of items you can consider for your restaurant’s winter menu.

Seasonal Breads

Fresh-baked bread is a delicacy people enjoy year-round, but people tend to appreciate it the most in the winter. When it’s warm and perfectly flavored for the season, people can’t get enough of it.

If your restaurant already serves bread at the table, consider switching out plain bread for different seasonal options. You can add seasonal fruits to your breads, such as cranberries and oranges, or other seasonal flavors, such as cinnamon and walnuts.

If you don’t already offer bread with the meal, consider adding a seasonal breadbasket as an appetizer for people to enjoy with herbed or spiced butter.

Hot Soufflés

Anything fresh out of the oven is a winter delicacy. If you want to offer something unique, consider adding hot soufflés to your menu this winter.

Most soufflés off their impressive rise the moment they exit the oven, making them the perfect winter comfort food for guests. A warm dessert soufflé is probably the best version of this winter treat, and you can offer seasonal flavors like chocolate peppermint or classic flavors like lemon.

You can also add hot savory soufflés to other parts of your menu as well, such as a small potato soufflé as an appetizer or a larger chicken soufflé as an entrée.

Handheld Desserts

There’s nothing quite like grabbing a cookie or brownie right off the pan and biting into its warm center. As a restaurant, you can’t quite let patrons pick their handheld desserts right off the pan, but you can bring them to the table warm for extra comfort and joy this winter.

You can also consider offering warm cookies or brownies as sides of cold treats like ice cream and milkshakes. This is one way you can sell milkshakes in winter, along with other cold treats, to diversify your income across menu offerings.

Handheld desserts are also an easy to-go item, so if patrons don’t have room for dessert after their meal, you can suggest they take it with them. While the desserts won’t be warm by the time they get home, your patrons will still enjoy this sweet treat.

Some delicious warm treats you can add to your restaurant’s winter menu this year are seasonal breads, hot soufflés, and handheld desserts. Your patrons will enjoy these delicacies and keep coming back for more all winter long.



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