Workplace Safety Reminders for Employees

Workplace Safety Reminders for Employees
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    Workplace safety is nothing to take lightly.

    No matter how many times an employer goes over the rules or how much you may think something is common knowledge, employees still need to know the guidelines and rules.


After all, they are in place for a reason. Employees need to follow them, and employers need to make them mandatory. Here are some common workplace safety reminders for employees.

Report the Problems

If you see a problem, report it. No workplace is perfect, and there are always areas for improvement. Sometimes employees feel hesitant to report unsafe work conditions, but by doing that, they are endangering themselves and everyone else around them.

Employees must tell their employer about any areas that are unsafe or don’t have adequate procedures in place to make them aware. Some of the issues might be as small as low lighting in some of the hallways or bathrooms. If an outlet plug stops working, tell everyone else in the area and keep signs posted until you can resolve the problem.

Don’t Cut Corners

Whatever the guidelines are for a specific job, make sure your employees follow them to the exact letter. For physically demanding jobs, never cut corners. Don’t look for ways to do the job quickly. That process will create future problems.

Also, don’t skip steps to complete a task faster. If the work seems to be taking longer than expected, employees should inform you and the clients involved. It’s safer to push the timeline back and do the job well.

However, this doesn’t mean workers need to overwork themselves. Remember to make regularly scheduled breaks mandatory. Also, encourage your workers to stay home if they feel under the weather so that they don’t potentially make anyone else sick.

Discuss New and Old Procedures

Sometimes people forget the safety procedures already in place, especially if they have been away from work for a while. Try and provide the team with weekly reminders for some of the more physically demanding jobs.

Mention the consequences that can happen if they don’t follow the guidelines. For example, go over fire safety and other areas on the job that could be detrimental to their health. If there are new procedures and practices, make sure the team knows them from top to bottom.

Wear the Right Gear

Get the gear and suit up. For every role and job, there is protective gear workers need to wear. Make sure no one forgets or chooses not to wear the gear. PPE is non-negotiable. There are no areas for consideration.

PPE gear keeps employees protected from injuries and potential illnesses. Some dangers are invisible or not easily noticeable. For example, keep everyone safe from breathing in mold or asbestos and make sure staff follows proper bathroom and hygiene guidelines.

Workplace accidents happen all the time, but there are ones everyone can avoid. Reminding employees to follow the proper workplace safety procedures makes the job easier for everyone.



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