How To Protect Your Company From Sexual Harassment Claims

How To Protect Your Company From Sexual Harassment Claims
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    Sexual harassment is nothing to take lightly, as it can break apart a company from the inside out by harming its most valued resource—employees.

    In protecting your company from claims of sexual harassment, you also protect your employees from harm or the rare case of a false accusation.


Learn how to protect your company from sexual harassment claims and keep your employees safe.

Create a Clear Sexual Harassment Policy and Follow Through

Ensuring that your company takes a clear stance on sexual harassment by employing a zero-tolerance policy can prevent sexual harassment from happening in the first place. It should state what the company defines sexual harassment as and the different types of sexual harassment, the steps to file a complaint, a no-retaliation clause, and an overview of investigation procedures.

However, a policy is not enough, no matter how well-written. You must employ rapid, concise, and consistent action if you want your policy to hold any weight. In truth, a strong anti-harassment policy that isn’t acted upon signals that you’re not serious and that they can ignore your policy.

Train Managers and Employees on Policy and Procedure

Once you have a clear anti-harassment policy, set aside time to train new and old employees on it. This should be in addition to an annual review of said policy. This training should include their rights, a review of procedures, and what sexual harassment is. While this may seem repetitive, laws, policies, and definitions slowly change over time, and this is the best way to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Managers and supervisors should undergo similar annual training, but they should be more intimately familiar with the ins and outs of the reporting process. They should also be able to identify the signs of sexual harassment and get trained to deal with sexual harassment complaints.

Have an Effective and Accessible Way for Employees To Report Claims

Being a victim of sexual harassment is frightening, so crafting an effective and clearly stated list of procedures and making that information readily available is critical. The last thing a victim wants to do is sift through mountains of documents and unclear jargon. It should be easy for an employee to find what their next step should be in different situations. Typically, an employee should be able to go straight to their manager, but this isn’t always an option, so be sure to list out alternative methods for reporting. Additionally, speaking with the victim about the investigation process and what steps are being taken can remove some of the fear of reporting.

Ultimately, the best way to protect your company from sexual harassment claims is to ensure everyone is clear on company expectations and take swift action when claims arise. Remember, this will be a sensitive time for everyone involved, so act with professionalism and compassion.

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