Helpful Tips for Relocating Your Office Space

Helpful Tips for Relocating Your Office Space
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    There are different reasons to move your office.

    The business may need to scale up or down, the current rent could be too expensive, or the neighborhood could be taking a dive.


Whatever the reason, the move needs to go smoothly—it shouldn’t be chaotic. Check out these helpful tips for relocating your office space.

Give Everyone Time

Remember that moving an office means moving a team. Everyone needs time to plan and strategize to keep things organized. An office move doesn’t happen overnight. Make a list of every task and start assigning responsibilities.

You also need to prep and strategize where items will go once you move. Start planning a few months before the move. Check things off the list one by one, and make sure your staff is on board with everything. Ask them if there are tasks they feel you’ve overlooked.

Centralize the Location

You won’t be able to please everyone with the new location, but trying to find a central location is ideal. Don’t stress if there are still people who have to make a long commute. Again, you can’t please everyone. But it’s still preferable to have the office in a central location, especially one near public transportation for commuters.

Try to find a spot that’s close to some popular restaurants to hang out at after work. Everyone loves a good happy hour deal. All work and no play make the office a very dull place. Investigate a few different locations until you find the right one.

Survey the New Space

Once you find a new spot, you need to survey it. A new office means a new attitude. What do you want the new atmosphere to feel like? Think about how productivity has been in your current office space.

Maybe the new place needs a more open concept, or you might want to revert to cubicles. Not everyone knows the history of cubicles and their original purpose. The design could potentially increase productivity. Ask your employees what they want to see. Getting their input during the process ensures they’re comfortable with the new space.

Hire Helpers

Do not—we repeat—do not attempt to make this move alone. For starters, your staff is neither obligated nor qualified to accomplish an office move. This is a job strictly for professionals. Hire movers. They know what they’re doing, especially with an office relocation.

A lot of office equipment and furniture must be set up properly. And, more importantly, you and your staff have more important things to focus on. Don’t let the move distract you from your business. Make sure the IT team is on the scene the day of the move and that week. They will need to get all the electronics set up again.

Relocating your office space can be stressful, but following these helpful tips will make things more bearable.

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