Effective Ways To Improve the Job Interview Process

Effective Ways To Improve the Job Interview Process
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    A staff of fulfilled, talented employees is the backbone of a successful business.


However, the perfect job applicants won’t just materialize in your office; you’ll need to interview every applicant and judge for yourself how well they’ll fit in at your company.

What does your job interview process look like right now? There’s probably plenty of room for you to improve your approach with these effective tips.

Create a Basic Structure

To keep your interview process fair and equitable across all applicants, come up with a list of pre-determined questions that you’ll ask everybody. Evaluate each applicant on the same scale to ensure that you’re judging everyone fairly.

However, leave some room in that structure for applicants to show off a little. After you’ve asked your list of questions, give them a few minutes to discuss the unique skills and talents they’d bring to the position. Let them ask you some questions, too!

Enlist an Interview Team

Instead of having each job interview be one-on-one with you, bring one or two of your HR representatives into the room for backup. Having multiple perspectives in the room will give you a more well-rounded impression of how well the applicant will fit in at the company.


Try to keep an odd number of people (three is common) on your interview team. This way, when you vote on whether to hire the applicant, you’ll avoid ties.

Keep Your Standards High

If you’ve been interviewing applicants for several months and still haven’t hired enough staff, you may want to lower your standards to get more people in the door.

But if you want to hire a staff of high-quality employees, you’ll need to keep high standards throughout the entire interview process. Plus, loosening your standards a few months into your course of interviews isn’t fair to the applicants you rejected early on.

Perform Pre-Employment Testing

Does your industry require that your staff have a certain set of skills or certifications? Narrow down your applicant pool at the outset by asking all candidates to complete pre-employment tests with their applications.

Only offer interviews to individuals who performed well on their tests to avoid wasting anybody’s time.

Consider the Benefits of Group Interviews

Once you’ve begun to narrow down your pool of qualified applicants, consider bringing several in at a time for a group interview in the second round.

This process is especially helpful for jobs that require strong interpersonal and problem-solving skills! A group interview will give you a closer look at how each applicant interacts with their colleagues and allow you a more candid snapshot of their personality.

Growth periods are exciting for small business owners, but they can also bring some stress as staffing needs increase. If you’re looking to improve your job interview process, use these effective tips to narrow down your applicant pool and keep interviews streamlined and standardized.



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