5 Tips for Managing Construction Equipment Fluid Levels

5 Tips for Managing Construction Equipment Fluid Levels
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    The engine oils, fluids, and coolants inside your construction equipment are much like the blood inside your body.

    Without proper fluid levels, the machines cannot function, just like you can’t live if you don’t have enough blood.


Therefore, managing construction equipment fluid levels is crucial to your projects. Keep reading for helpful tips that make managing these fluid levels much more straightforward.

Following this advice will help you avoid unnecessary maintenance expenses, optimize productivity, and maximize the return on your investment in the equipment.

Follow the Manual

Before considering any other proactive management tactics for fluid levels, you must follow the manual for each machine. Within the manual will be recommendations for fluids and suggestions for fluid internals.

The manual will also detail the machine’s important maintenance points. Ignoring the manual could result in you and your operators choosing the wrong fluids for your equipment, which could damage or break them.

Train All Operators

Any employee that touches or uses a specific piece of equipment must receive thorough training. Operators who don’t know how to use or maintain their machines will likely cause more damage due to mishandling.

Once you train the employee, mishaps and maintenance issues will decrease because the operator can notice problems quickly. Operators will also be able to top off fluids on their own.

Organize Your Fluids

Every piece of construction equipment is different. Because of this, you’ll need various types of engine oils and fluids to maintain several machines. We recommend organizing your fluids in a chart to remember which fluid goes with which equipment.

You must also clearly label which machines require special fluids. Organizing your fluids is pertinent to your business because you likely have many types of equipment in your fleet.

Create a Proactive Maintenance Program

When you miss an issue with a machine, it can create a domino effect. For example, your auger might be leaking engine oil.

If you miss the leak, oil will spill everywhere, which could damage other components. Ignoring maintenance is a top auger drilling mistake you don’t want to make.

Creating a proactive maintenance program allows operators to perform routine maintenance and ensure they catch problems before they become bigger issues.

Consider a Fluid Analysis

Fluid analysis is when you test the different fluid types in a machine for their overall condition. This test also helps you to see if there are any contaminants in your fluids.

After the test is complete, you’ll receive a report about the condition of your equipment and its performance. This helps you ensure that it’s running smoothly with the correct fluids.

If you want to avoid your construction equipment breaking down prematurely, you must manage the fluid levels. Remember, without the proper fluid, your machines cannot function. Follow the advice above to avoid significant issues with your machines. How else do you manage your equipment’s fluid levels?



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