Understanding the Different Types of Stretch Wrappers

Understanding the Different Types of Stretch Wrappers
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    Stretch wrappers are essential machines that protect and unitize packages for shipment.

    While all stretch wrappers have the same purpose, each type functions a little differently.


In truth, depending on what you ship and what your shipping needs are, you may need more than one kind of wrapping machine. To help your packaging process run more smoothly, let’s take a look at the different types of stretch wrappers and how they work.

Turntable Stretch Wrapper

When choosing the right stretch wrapper for your business, you should determine whether your wrapping needs require an automatic or semiautomatic model. Turntable wrappers are one of the most common wrapping machines on the market, as they come in manual, automatic, and semiautomatic models that are easy to operate.

A manual turntable operator places the pallet on the turntable, tucks it underneath the product, turns on the device, and tears the film when finished. In automatic and semiautomatic models, the loading and unloading can be partially or fully automated.

Straddle Stretch Wrapper

Instead of the product spinning, a straddle stretch wrapper spins around the load. As with a manual turntable model, the operator places the load into the wrapping zone, tucks the film underneath, turns on the machine, and tears the film once finished.

With other models, the actions of loading and unloading can be partially or fully automated. Despite the similar process, straddle stretch wrappers are better suited for fragile products.

Ringer Stretch Wrapper

Ringer stretch wrappers—also called orbital wrappers—come in fully automatic forms and are best suited for flattened or elongated products. With this machine, the load goes through a large circular device on a conveyor belt. The machine will dispense the wrapping film while spinning around the load to fully wrap it on all sides. Once the machine has wrapped to the operator’s settings, the film will tear itself and move along the conveyor.

Ring Straddle Stretch Wrapper

Despite the similar name, ring straddler wrappers are different from the ringer stretch wrappers we mentioned above. In terms of functionality, ring straddle wrappers work very similarly to straddle and ringer wrappers. However, these machines also only come in fully automated forms.

The load will move across a conveyer belt into the wrapping zone, and then the machine will spin a mechanical arm around the load, similar to a straddle wrapper. Typically, these machines wrap toiletry products and beverages and can handle up to 200 loads per hour, making them an extremely efficient option.

Now that you know the different types of stretch wrappers, which wrapper is best for your business? As we mentioned, you may need a combination of one or more types of machines, but understanding the different models can help you make an easier, more informed decision.

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