How To Remain Calm During a Fire Evacuation at Work

How To Remain Calm During a Fire Evacuation at Work
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    Fires are one of the most dangerous yet common workplace hazards. Between scorching temperatures and suffocating smoke, fires cause a lot of damage and pose health and safety risks.

    No matter how big or small the fire outbreak, staying calm during the emergency reduces potential dangers and better guarantees a safe escape.


As a leader in your workplace, you set the example. Your employees turn and look to you in emergencies. Learn how to remain calm during a fire evacuation at work and enhance everyone’s safety during high-risk circumstances.

Familiarize Yourself With the Evacuation Process

During a fire emergency, the number one priority is exiting the premises. Fires spread and move fast. The more distance you put between yourself and the flames, the safer you are. Familiarizing yourself with your workplace’s evacuation process, from the routes to evacuation priority, allows you to make your responses during the emergency second-hand nature.

Being prepared also reduces anxieties and panic, ensuring you remain composed during high-stress scenarios. Study the route, know the evacuation procedure in and out, and better prepare yourself for a smooth emergency escape.

Undergo Workplace Fire Safety Training

Undergoing workplace fire safety training also prepares you for emergencies, helping your muscle memory and subconscious take over when danger arises and fear sets in. Training educates you on all you need to know about fire danger, from prevention methods to appropriate emergency responses.

If you work in a medical clinic, familiarizing yourself with OSHA fire safety plans for healthcare providers gives you safety protocols specific to your workplace. Undergoing industry-specific training further equips you with helpful knowledge and skills for handling fires at work with calmness and ease.

Keep Your Focus on Evacuating and Providing Support

Although quick evacuations help you create distance between you and the danger, rushing out of the building can increase health and safety risks. Running and pushing your way through to the exit during an evacuation heightens the chances of injuries from tripping to physical collision, sparking anxiety and panic.

Keeping order and carefully leaving the building make sure everyone stays calm and safe during evacuation. To balance slowing down and timely evacuation, maintain your focus on the exit and provide support to anyone who needs additional aid. Plus, keeping your focus on the goal at hand and other people reduces panic.

Check In on Yourself and Take Deep Breaths

To help others, you have to take care of yourself first. When you are in your best shape, you can provide maximum aid and support, keeping everyone safe and healthy. During a workplace fire, take a moment to check in to yourself and recenter your breathing. Recovering from the initial panic clears your head and gives you more control in the chaos. After you tend to your needs, you can effectively and calmly lead others to safety.

Fires exude chaos. Remaining calm allows you to regain some control and better lead your team. Knowing how to remain calm during a fire evacuation at work ensures you and your staff safely make it out of your workplace and away from danger.



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