How Often Should Your Facility Clean Public Bathrooms?

How Often Should Your Facility Clean Public Bathrooms?
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    Any facility that welcomes customers should offer those customers a restroom, but it will take extra money, time, and effort to maintain those bathrooms.


If you offer more than one public bathroom, then that money, time, and effort multiples accordingly.

However, that money, time, and effort also depend on how much foot traffic your bathroom receives. The amount of foot traffic will help you determine how often your facility should clean public bathrooms and use those resources.

Low-Traffic Facility: Daily

Today, a digital world means you can operate a brick-and-mortar business with only a few patrons coming in. While you should still offer a public bathroom for those patrons, it may not experience much foot traffic.

If your facility’s public bathroom consistently experiences low foot traffic, then you don’t need to clean it as often. Once a day is often sufficient. You can schedule this cleaning at the beginning, middle, or end of the day. Choose your time based on when it’s more convenient for your business and patrons.

Medium-Traffic Facility: 2–3 Times Per Day

Some businesses bring in more foot traffic than others. Retail stores often welcome people who want an in-person experience, even though shopping online is so prevalent. The combination of in-store and online options can create medium traffic for your public bathroom.

You want customers who arrive when you open to enjoy the same clean bathroom as people at the end of the day. To create this consistency, schedule bathrooms cleanings two or three times per day. Try to schedule them in between rush hours so customers don’t have to wait to use the bathroom.

Occasional High-Traffic Facility: Before and After Periods of High Traffic

Medium traffic can turn into occasional high traffic during certain times of the day or certain days during a season. For example, if your bar offers happy hour two days a week, you may experience more foot traffic during happy hour. You will need to change your bathroom cleaning schedule to accommodate this extra foot traffic.

To keep your public bathroom clean for all customers, schedule cleanings before and after high traffic periods. Doing so before guarantees that the rush has access to a clean bathroom. Cleaning bathrooms after the rush ensures that later customers or customers the next day can enjoy clean facilities.

Frequent High-Traffic Facility: Every 2 Hours

The hospitality industry and other industries can experience frequent high traffic since they’re always assisting patrons who are arriving and leaving at all times. Our biggest sanitation tip for the hospitality industry with high traffic is to clean public bathrooms frequently and share the schedule.

Frequent cleaning means roughly every two hours so all your patrons can experience a clean bathroom. Posting this schedule gives patrons peace of mind that your high-traffic facility cares for and protects its customers. It also warns customers when a cleaning is coming up, so they can do their business and get out or wait accordingly.

Your facility should clean public bathrooms as often as necessary based on the foot traffic you receive. Foot traffic can fluctuate throughout the day and throughout different seasons, so your cleaning schedule may need to change too. Pay attention to how frequently your bathroom gets dirty so you can create the best schedule.

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