4 Details Your Hotel Guests Always Notice

4 Details Your Hotel Guests Always Notice
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    Every hotel guest carries a unique set of expectations and needs.

    While these might vary, certain qualities in hotels exist that universally fall short of the mark.


These elements can significantly impact the overall experience of your guests, often leading to negative reviews or, worse, loss of business. Read on to discover the four common details your hotel guests always notice and tips for providing superior experiences.

Your Lobby Presentation

From the moment guests step into your hotel, they begin to form opinions based on the aesthetics, cleanliness, and overall atmosphere of your lobby. A well-maintained and inviting lobby speaks volumes about the quality of service that guests can expect during their stay. It is essential that your lobby is spacious, clean, and comfortable, with ample seating options and easy access to the front desk.

In addition, offering free refreshments and snacks can be a thoughtful gesture that showcases your commitment to guest comfort and satisfaction. Weary travelers often appreciate these small acts of hospitality, which can set a positive tone for the rest of their stay. Conversely, hotels that neglect the presentation of their lobbies risk making their guests feel uncomfortable from the outset, which can ultimately impact their overall experience and perception of your establishment.

Lingering Odors

Unpleasant scents universally induce feelings of discomfort and agitation among humans. These are certainly not the emotions you would want your guests to associate with their hotel experience. Among the most repugnant lingering smells are those of cigarettes and waste. Both possess a potent and offensive aroma that can taint the image of your establishment in the minds of your guests. Combat these issues by enforcing strict no-smoking policies within the premises and ensuring regular and thorough cleaning of all areas. Additionally, investing in quality air purifiers and fresheners can greatly aid in maintaining a pleasant atmosphere within the hotel.

Bathroom Hygiene and Quality

The state of your restrooms can often be a direct reflection of the overall cleanliness and quality of your hotel. Guests tend to pay particular attention to bathroom appliances, both how clean they are and how well they function. Basically, hotel guests want a bathroom experience similar to their own routines at home! Outfitting your restrooms with high-quality appliances and fixtures can help replicate that “at-home” feeling. Additionally, investing in superior customized hotel bathroom lighting systems can further enhance the guest experience and the look and feel of your restroom spaces. These details might seem small, but bathroom hygiene and quality are among the most commonly mentioned aspects in hotel reviews.

Internet Speed and Availability

Guests expect and appreciate the availability of free and high-speed internet in a hotel. In today’s digital age, reliable internet connectivity is necessary for both leisure and business travelers. When a hotel provides fast and free internet, it significantly enhances the guest experience. Conversely, if the internet is slow or causes frequent disconnects, guests are likely to notice these issues immediately. Poor connectivity can lead to dissatisfaction and negative reviews, adversely affecting the hotel’s reputation and business. Investing in robust internet infrastructure is not just a luxury but a crucial aspect of service that hotels must prioritize.

When it comes to details such as lobby presentation, odor management, bathroom hygiene, and internet availability, your hotel guests will always notice their quality. These elements, though seemingly minor, play a pivotal role in shaping your guests’ perception of your establishment and their overall satisfaction.




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