How We Can Help

As you can note from the side navigation to your right, there are a lot of items to "prep your company" prior to listing it for the sale. The prep period may be quick or under a longer term depending on the valuation objective that you seek.

Your ultimate goal is transferring ownership to the buyer. Money exchanges will take place. Contract agreements begin to take effect.

This is the role that we can play — preparing, listing, presenting, negotiating, and closing the sale of your business. Get the professional advice you need to manage this process and maximize your sale.

CFOne Advisory
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Who We Are

The CFOne is a professional M&A advisory group with expertise in exit planning, business valuation, and business transfer and sales. Our services include:

Company Analysis Sales Prep

  • company analysis
  • exit planning
  • company valuations
  • professional advice and strategic consulting in marketing, finance, and operations

M&A and Business Brokerage Services

  • listing and networking your business
  • qualifying and screening buyers
  • managing the company due diligence
  • arranging financing
  • negotiating the price
  • closing the sale


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