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Small Business Tips

5 Business Ideas for Retirees

You have or will soon be entering your retirement years, putting 35, 40 years or more of work history behind you. Yet, you cannot imagine yourself transitioning from a full work schedule to a life of leisure — after all there is only so much golf, volunteering and travel that you can do.

Business Management

How to Develop a Business Continuity Plan

We all like to think that our businesses have what it takes to survive. That’s a positive outlook in a competitive and sometimes hostile business environment.

Customer Service

Customer Service Tips That Bring Results

So, you want more customers, do you? Like any business, customers are what keep you in business and help your enterprise thrive. Or die.

Small Business Tips

10 Small Business Ideas for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

If you possess an entrepreneurial spirit, but lack the ideas for starting your own business, then take heart: there are literally hundreds, perhaps thousands of ideas to help you launch your business initiative.

Entrepreneur Tips

Why Being an Entrepreneur Can Rock Your World

Working for yourself certainly has some advantages and a few disadvantages. One big advantage is that you are the master of your destiny. A notable disadvantage is that money may not always be freely forthcoming, especially at the start of your business.

Business Management

5 Business Strategies for the Months Ahead

Your business is moving forward, successfully making the transition from one season to the next. Yet, you do have some concerns on where you are headed and how best to respond.

Business Management

How to Manage Productivity When Insanity Abounds

You pride yourself on your organizational skills, what helps keep you focused and productive even during the most trying of times. Even so, there are times when you feel a tinge of insanity coming upon you as your workload increases and your ability to get things done is tested like never before.

Financial Management

Collection Strategies for Your Business

Many small business operators struggle with cash flow and those struggles often include slow accounts receivables. Notably, if money is not coming in, then you will have difficulty paying bills.

Asset Management

A Wealth Management Primer

When you hear the term “wealth management” you may think of stocks, bonds, residential and commercial real estate, foreign exchange and a host of other terms familiar with high-wage individuals.

Business Management

Time Management and the Small Business Operator

One of the biggest challenges of the small business operator is managing one’s time. With multiple responsibilities to juggle, the operator understands that time comes at a premium and simply cannot be squandered.

Operations Management

Energy Efficiency and Your Small Business

Your small business location, no matter what its size, can probably stand an energy efficiency evaluation. Whether you lease or own your property, you may pay for a host of services including, lights, heat, air conditioning, power for your office equipment and other expenses.

Business Management

Should Your Business Seek a Strategic Partnership?

It is through mergers and acquisitions that some businesses are able to grow, reaching new markets as well as increasing market share in areas where they already have a presence.

Business Management

9 Smart Tips for Small Business Success

Tweet Freedom of control, profitability and an overall general satisfaction with what you do are among the benefits of managing a small business. Here’s how to help your business thrive.

Marketing Management

Business Blogging Gives Your Company an Edge

One of the best ways for your company to reach customers is through your website. That site should be optimized to have your pages appear for all the important keywords in the search engine results pages or SERPs.

Raising Capital

Financial Support and Your Small Business

As a small business operator you value your independence. Yet, there may be times when you wish that other people would back your business, whether they be known as angel investors or someone you know, like friends and family.

Marketing Management

Entrepreneurs: What They Didn’t Teach You in Business School

Not everything you know as an entrepreneur was taught to you while you were attending business school. That is, if you attended business school.

Customer Service

How to Maximize Your Small Business Profits

Every small business owner wants to make money. Without a steady infusion of cash, your business will die. Making money, however, is not enough — you need to make a profit too.

Marketing Management

Business Referrals and How to Get Them

Your business with either thrive or die based on the referrals you receive. That may sound like an outlandish statement, but if you were to carefully examine how your customers found you, more than likely a significant number came onboard because they were referred by others to you.

Marketing Management

The Secrets of Effective Content Marketing

Getting the word out about your enterprise can involve a number of methods, including small ads, word-of-mouth, and collateral marketing. Another way to raise awareness is to use your website as an information resource for your customers.

Entrepreneur Tips

What Every Franchise Owner Should Know

If you are considering launching your own business, franchising is a popular way to help you get there. There are literally thousands of franchise opportunities available ranging from the well known — such as McDonald’s — to the more obscure.

Financial Management

Elusive Profits and How to Change That

To thrive as a small business, you need to make money. If you do not turn a profit, then your days as a going concern may be numbered.

Inventory Management

Retailers: How to Avoid the Markdown Trap

Tweet Of course, you could pack up those Christmas decorations or outdoor living furniture and stow those items until demand returns the following year. Likely, you are like every other

Small Business Tips

8 Money Saving Tips for the New Business Owner

The entrepreneur is just another word for Bootstrapper, an individual who has started a business with pluck and determination, but perhaps without the financial resources to make it big from the start.

M&A Planning

Richmond Valuation Methods: What May Work For You

In the very near future you plan to sell you business and, if you’re smart about it, you will use a business broker to assist you. A business broker can help determine the value of your business. Moreover, he can bring to you potential buyers, people he has vetted to ensure their ability to buy and manage your enterprise.