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  • Thinking of Selling Your Business?

    This is why you need right company that will work to get the maximum price at the optimum time to meet your financial objectives.

  • We Help You Plan Your Exit

    ... not to strike a deal that benefits us. We analyze your position and recommend the optimum exit plan that works for you.

  • And If We Can't Meet Your Financial Objectives

    We will recommend some fundamental business changes at no cost or obligation. Our Goal is Your Goal. So let's work together to get it done.

  • What We Do ...

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  • Business Brokering | Business Sales | Mergers & Acquisitions

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  • Exit Planning Design

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  • Business Valuations

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  • Business Advisory | Consulting Management

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  • Business Tips

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  • Business Tools


About Us

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We have a combined 25+ year experience in business brokering and advisory. If you are looking to sell your company, we can build an exit plan that maximizes your financial objectives. We work for you to find the right buyer that will make you proud to work with. We have the expertise, tools, and network to make this happen.

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We do not charge any upfront fees. So you can test our services without obligation. We guarantee that you will be pleased.

Krayton M Davis
Executive Director, CFOne Business Advisory

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Making an Exit

step-by-step review of exit planning

  • How to prepare your business for the sale

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  • You can maximize your business value by having a viable marketing strategy in-play

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  • Important tips prior to announcing that your business is for sale

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  • To whom to sell your business?

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  • Careful planning is critical on timing your business sale

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  • What is your company worth?

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  • The higher the net cash flow of your business, the higher the asking price

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  • 3 out of 4 businesses that are listed for sale will not sell

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Our Services

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Business Brokering

CFOne Advisory has been delivering Business Brokerage Services to our clients since 2002. We pride ourselves on exceptional business selling services and personalized attention.

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Exit Planning Design

Every business owner will need to exit ... whether it is soon or sometime in the future. The goal is to exit at the most advantage time to achieve the greatest financial and transitional benefit.

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Business Valuations

A valuation from a Certified Valuator reflects the "Fair Market Value" of a business based on recast assets, cash flows, company history, the economy and industry sector and business values in today's market.

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Business Advisory

Cash is King in any small business. And marketing is the key to your success. Without it, your business will falter. So what is marketing? Get the answer from a market strategist in planning and sales.

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Business Tips

Business topics include: asset management - business management - employment issues - financial management - inventory control - market planning - M&A prep n' planning - small business tips.

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Business Tools

We have a complete tool set at your disposal that includes forms and worksheets, calculators, building business credit, preparation guide on getting your business ready for the sale, and more.

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Some Freebies

at no cost or obligation



  • business assessment report
  • based on one valuation parameter
  • provided in PDF document
  • use to design your exit plan
  • no cost or obligation
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Selling Prep

  • thinking of selling?
  • we can do the analysis
  • we can do the paperwork
  • we can discuss necessary prep
  • no cost or obligation
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Krayton M Davis
Executive Director, CFOne Advisory Services

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