Business Exit Model

steps in the exit planning process

What You Need to Understand

An exit plan is something every business owner needs to have. Every business owner will need to exit sometime in the future. The goal is to exit at the more advantage position. That means planning and managing your business so that you can exit in 1 year ... 5 years ... or even 10+ years from now.

So let's review the steps in the exit planning process. These are steps that can shape the direction you want to take when you make your exit.

Get your complimentary Exit Planning Design at no cost or obligation. We will review the exit planning steps and provide recommendations on how to achieve each step.

We will also complete a business market assessment to help formulate your exit plan. Our development process will use the following diagram that you can dowload here:

The download will reference information by letter that illustrates each segment of the exit planning process.

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