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How to Identify and Remedy Inefficient Business Habits

Scoring efficiency or related increases in the workplace and businesses has been the shared challenge of supervisors in every industry. That’s because it’s very easy for complacency to build in, particularly with tasks and jobs that are repetitive and monotonous.

Employee Management Featured

4 Innovative Ways To Increase Employee Engagement

Evidence has shown that businesses do better overall when their employees are actively involved in their work and feel a part of the company. This concept is known as employee engagement.

Featured Technology

Critical Considerations for Designing a Release Management Office

Tweet To put it in other words, release management serves as a bridge between the development stage and practices of testing and production. Organizations use it to cross the gap

Employee Management Featured

Why Businesses Should Focus on the Health of Employees

For years, with some success and failure, small and large businesses, alike, have encouraged employees to make healthy life choices in efforts to create a healthier workplace.

Employee Safety Featured

4 Essential Worker’s Comp Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Tweet Use the following four workers compensation tips to keep your startup on the pathway to success. Determine Requirements Research the workers compensation requirements for your state to determine what

Featured M&A Planning

Understanding the Legal Process of Selling a Business

If you’re planning on selling your business for a profit, you need to understand the legal process that is in place to protect both the buyer and the seller.

Business Exit Planning Featured

Ways to Increase the Sale Price of Your Business

Tweet Are you planning on selling your business but you’re concerned about how much it’s worth and if you can make the money that you really need from the sale?

Business Management Featured

4 Hurdles Most Small Businesses Need To Overcome Before Growth

Every single company is going to experience difficulties at some point, and how you deal with those hurdles can mean the difference between growth and stagnation.

Featured Sales Planning

How to Make Your Marketing and Sales That Much Better

Marketing and sales go hand in hand, and they are just as important for the success of your business as the innovation and creativity that inspired your product.

Featured Outsourcing

How to Find a Consultant to Help You with Your Business Strategy

Tweet Putting together a business strategy can often mean taking days or even weeks away from the office and day to day running of the business, compiling massive folders full

Business Management Featured

Business Synergy: Using Every Tool Under Your Belt

French author André Maurois is quoted as saying, "Business is a combination of war and sport" and it’s clear that many business strategists agree.

Employee Management Featured

Responsible HR – Learn How to Support Your Employees

Supporting employees in their role within the company ranks near the top of HR responsibilities, surpassing the stereotypical roles of hiring and terminating staff.

Advertising Featured

A Guide to Designing Outdoor Banners as Advertising Tools

There is no doubt that outdoor banners are effective as advertising tools. The only question is how you will use them and what you should write on them to make them more effective.

Featured Marketing Management

5 Tips to Optimize Your Online Business Production

People tend to associate the World Wide Web with procrastination. There is a stigma that employees overuse the internet and its digital channels, lowering the productivity of a business.

Featured Sales Management

Selling Yourself – What Are Your Customers Really Buying?

You can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars creating the perfect product or clock in thousands of hours trying to brute-force your way to the top of your industry. In the end, however, customers buy your brand for what they see in it.

Buying a Business Featured

Steps to Take After Taking Over a Business

When buying a business that is already established, the first thing you will likely do before signing any contracts or letting any money change hands is to discover why the current owner is selling in the first place. It could just be a matter of wanting to retire or that everything has gone stale and is no longer exciting.

Featured Networking

Small Businesses & Community Involvement

Walk around your neighborhood and you may notice that small businesses are getting more support than ever before and for good reason as they generate jobs and employ a local community.

Featured M&A Planning

Need to Know Info about Business Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are designed to increase profits and productivity while reducing expenses and waste.

Featured Marketing Management

5 Ways Your Personal Growth Improves Your Business Growth

When biographies of great businessmen like Bill Gates or Stephen Jobs get published, people do not buy them to learn the secrets behind the Apple products or Microsoft technologies. They want to get a greater insight into the lives and personalities of these amazing men.

Featured Small Business Tips

Introduction to Public Relations

As a business owner, entrepreneur, or marketer, you need a solid grasp of what an excellent public relations plan should look like. Having a solid PR plan is vital to your business because it influences all the key areas of the success of your business.

Featured Marketing Management

10 Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness

It goes without saying that you want your business to be seen by the masses. Of course, that’s easier said than done. You got tons of competition, and your demographic may not exactly be inclined to give you the time of day.

Featured Information Technology

How to Keep Your Small Business IT Systems Up to Date

It’s hard for smaller companies to keep up with changing technology. In fact, there are only two basic ways to do it: rely on an expert, or get your hands dirty.

Business Planning Featured

How to Set Clear Rules for Fast Business Success

Every business owner needs to establish some simple, but strict rules that will serve as a frame for achieving their professional goals.

Asset Management Featured

How a Good Office Space Can Positively Affect Your Business

You might think of an office space as just a place where employees gather to do their job. As long as they have the documents and equipment to do the job, it is enough.