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3 Surprising Advertising Trends to Watch Out For in 2018

The 2017 advertising trends and techniques have set a high bar for what we should expect this year. Businesses are going to take advertising a notch higher to convince potential customers that their products or services are right for them.

Advertising Featured

Why You Should Use WordPress

If you’re a small business owner, you need to have an online presence to extend your engagement beyond your physical store. You can use social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, but what’s really important is your website. Why?

Entrepreneur Tips Featured

5 Time Management Rules for Small Business Proprietors

We are all conscious of time. When we work, we always ask what time it is so that we can relax when the clock hits the end of the working day.

Featured Outsourcing

10 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Potential Virtual Assistant (Part 1/2)

Trying virtual assistant services comes with countless benefits. Cost reduction, economies of scales and flexibility are just but a few of the many compelling reasons for hiring a virtual assistant.

Entrepreneur Tips Featured

5 Flawless Tips to Help You Start Your Own Business

The United States Small Business Administration indicates that America is home to 27 million businesses. Even without this statistic, it’s obvious that businesses play an integral part in modern society.

Featured Other Business Topics

Office Organization: 5 Ways to Keep Your Office Space Tidy and Clean

Tweet Here are five things that you should do to keep your office space neat and tidy. Divide Your Office into Zones Dividing your office into specific zones can help

Featured Operations Management

Successful Leadership: 4 Skills Managers in an Industrial Business Need to Have

An industrial workplace can be fraught with dangers for both the manager and the employees. In order for managers to succeed in the environment, they need to be born puzzle solvers.

Featured Operations Management

6 Ways a Merchant Service will Take Your Business to the Next Level

In this article, we are going to focus on the benefits of a merchant service to your business. While there are many options to choose from in the market, choosing the right merchant service can be quite overwhelming.

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10 Reasons why Your Business Needs a Blog to Engage Customers (Part 2/2)

Blogs are very important in terms of creating brand awareness, informing, clarifying, educating and entertaining – provided you have the right audience.

Business Exit Planning Featured

5 Smart Business Exit Strategies to Consider for Your Business Plan

Tweet It might appear to be odd to build up a business exit plan before, to foresee the day you will leave the business; however, potential investors want to know

Advertising Featured

10 Reasons why Your Business Needs a Blog to Engage Customers (Part 1/2)

Blogs are very helpful when it comes to running a business. A blog makes it easier whenever you want to engage with your customers.

Featured Financial Management

Business Fraud: How to Find Your Way through These Murky Waters

Tweet It can lead to significant and troubling financial losses. If you’re looking to navigate the ugly world of business fraud, there are several options that can be a major

Featured Marketing Management

Special Services: How Your Niche Business Can Find the Clients You Need

The greatest businessmen in the world know that you could have the most incredible product or service on the planet, but unless you have a formidable marketing strategy to advertise your business and attract customers, no one will ever flock to your business.

Featured Inventory Management

The Storefront Business: How to Keep Your Products in Storage Organized

Running a store can be a rewarding job to take on. That being said, there are many aspects to running a successful store.

Featured Pay/Benefits

Workers’ Compensation: The Ins and Outs Every Manager Needs to Know

If you work in management, then a strong understanding of the fundamentals of workers’ compensation is imperative.

Entrepreneur Tips Featured

5 No-Brainers for Cutting Down Startup Costs

With not too much money to go around, one of the main goals of running a startup is finding ways to save money. Obviously, cutting the costs is the right way to go, but knowing where and when to do it is invaluable.

Employee Safety Featured

How to Craft Exceptional Workplace Safety Policies

Safety policies save time, money, agony, and lives. They keep workers cognizant of dangers. They keep managers vigilant.

Featured Marketing Management

3 Updates to Try When Your Business Is Showing Its Age

It sometimes takes a long time to get a business up and running and built into a thriving, successful enterprise.

Employee Safety Featured

How to Craft Exceptional Workplace Safety Policies

Safety policies save time, money, agony, and lives. They keep workers cognizant of dangers. They keep managers vigilant.

Business Security Featured

Putting Your Mind at Ease as a Construction Professional

Tweet You also know, though, that rarely does everything work as it should. Trying to keep track of all the complex functions of your role can be overwhelming at times,

Business Relocation Featured

Business Venture: How to Find the Best Place for Your Company to Relocate

Many business owners choose to relocate their base of operations to a new location when they need to expand to a larger facility or when they need to downsize to conserve costs. However, there are many other reasons why a relocation may make sense.

Employee Management Featured

Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

Tweet We’re constantly worried whether we’re good enough, productive enough, and committed enough. We talk promotions and money… but we rarely ever talk about the balance between awesome work results

Featured M&A Planning

Is Another Business Merging with Yours? 4 Steps to Take in Preparation

Tweet Whatever the reason for merging is, now is the time for a fresh start. You can’t predict exactly how a merger will go. However, you can take all the

Advertising Featured

3 Old Marketing Strategies That Are Dying Out & What to Do Instead

If you are in charge of public relations for your company, then you may need to wake up to a new mindset.

Building Management Featured

Want More Productive Employees? Adjust Your Thermostat

Tweet Setting a comfortable temperature for the work environment can be even more complex, because of a greater number of people moving and out of any given space, as well