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Featured Networking

Small Businesses & Community Involvement

Walk around your neighborhood and you may notice that small businesses are getting more support than ever before and for good reason as they generate jobs and employ a local community.

Featured M&A Planning

Need to Know Info about Business Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are designed to increase profits and productivity while reducing expenses and waste.

Featured Marketing Management

5 Ways Your Personal Growth Improves Your Business Growth

When biographies of great businessmen like Bill Gates or Stephen Jobs get published, people do not buy them to learn the secrets behind the Apple products or Microsoft technologies. They want to get a greater insight into the lives and personalities of these amazing men.

Featured Small Business Tips

Introduction to Public Relations

As a business owner, entrepreneur, or marketer, you need a solid grasp of what an excellent public relations plan should look like. Having a solid PR plan is vital to your business because it influences all the key areas of the success of your business.

Featured Marketing Management

10 Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness

It goes without saying that you want your business to be seen by the masses. Of course, that’s easier said than done. You got tons of competition, and your demographic may not exactly be inclined to give you the time of day.

Featured Information Technology

How to Keep Your Small Business IT Systems Up to Date

It’s hard for smaller companies to keep up with changing technology. In fact, there are only two basic ways to do it: rely on an expert, or get your hands dirty.

Business Planning Featured

How to Set Clear Rules for Fast Business Success

Every business owner needs to establish some simple, but strict rules that will serve as a frame for achieving their professional goals.

Asset Management Featured

How a Good Office Space Can Positively Affect Your Business

You might think of an office space as just a place where employees gather to do their job. As long as they have the documents and equipment to do the job, it is enough.

Business Management Featured

Increase Efficiency and Save Money

Small business owners are always looking for ways to save money. Funds are often limited particularly if the business has recently launched.

Entrepreneur Tips Featured

5 Inexpensive Ways to Improve Your Startup

When starting a business, it’s crucial that you minimize expenditures as you add new clientele and make sales. This prevents you from getting overextended which can decrease your chances of success.

Entrepreneur Tips Featured

Living the Dream Make Money Blogging

Some may say that the new American dream is to be able to live while doing something that you passionately love. That may be the reason why more and more people decide against having a 9 – 5 job and start their careers as freelancers.

Featured Technology

Tips to Bring Your Factory Up-to-Date on the Newest Technology

Owners and administrators in the best factories throughout the world often update their tech to improve production. It doesn’t matter if you are a kitchen appliance, rubber, or vehicle manufacturer, any time lost during production adversely affects your bottom line.

Featured Pay/Benefits

Should You Provide Food in Your Break Room?

Many employees’ mornings are spent counting down the hours until their lunch break, only dispersed by intermittent trips to the break room to fill up on their life-saving cups of instant coffee. Although an office is a place of work, does that mean you shouldn’t provide any amenities to your workers that they could obtain themselves? Not so.

Featured Marketing Management

Brand Counterfeit: a 21st Century Issue

Brand counterfeit is becoming an increasing issue nowadays. Luxury brands lose millions of dollars annually because of counterfeit merchandise and patents prove to not be enough to protect a product from being replicated or challenged by competition.

Featured Technology

The Business Key: Technology

Newer technologies- an area where a large portion of businesses lack. Sometimes it’s hard for a small business to keep up on the latest trends and gadgets because it may seem like new devices are constantly being replaced by newer gadgets.

Business Security Featured

Key Ways to Protect Your Business from all Angles

Thefts and security breaches are common threats to any company. Hackers can attack at any moment, along with physical thieves.

Business Management Featured

What Every Business Needs To Stay Organized And Efficient

You can tell at a glance if an office place is well-organized or not. Employees work efficiently and happily. There aren’t loose papers stacked up and people struggling to find a simple pencil.

Employee Management Featured

HR Hints: Cues to Take from Your Employees about Work Culture

Human resource department heads have an important role when it comes to deciding work culture. Many learn to take cues from employee trends in things such as time off, dress codes, break habits, and celebrated holidays.

Featured Small Business Tips

Small Business Success: Tips For Avoiding Common Mistakes

Practically everyone thinks about starting their own business at some point, but this is no easy process.

Business Planning Featured

Making Your Business Efficient and Productive

A business plan is essential when running a business, according to NASDAQ, because you’re setting off on a journey without any direction if you don’t create one.

Entrepreneur Tips Featured

4 Best Degrees for Becoming an Entrepreneur

In the history of American entrepreneurship, many stories have been spun around the few dozen entrepreneurs who found major business success without a college degree.

Featured Marketing Management

Making Your Business Appealing to the General Public

What people think about your business is crucial feedback you should focus on finding out. After all, that information will tell you if you need to improve anything or if you can continue the way you were handling your business.

Employee Issues Featured

Five Personal Issues You Should Keep Your Boss Informed About To Avoid Job Loss

All employers expect their employees to live their lives in a way that reflects a positive image on the company. Not living such as life can hurt the company.

Employee Safety Featured

7 Things Your Company Needs to Do after a Major Workplace Accident

While it’s not something that business owners and managers like to think about, a serious workplace accident could happen at any time.