Business Exit Planning: Introduction

planning your exit now or sometime in the future

Why develop an exit plan:

Every business owner will need to exit whether it is soon or sometime in the future. The goal is to exit at the most advantage time when you achieve the greatest financial and transitional benefit.

  • Your exit plan should put in place 4 key components:
    1. design the estate plan and tax implication of an exit
    2. implement marketing and e-commerce strategies that protect and grow your markets
    3. get your financial statements in order
    4. develop the operations where "you" the owner are not involved in the day-to-day operations
  • Your exit plan must also decide on which type of exit;
    1. family succession
    2. ESOP (employee stock ownership plan)
    3. direct sale
  • CFone Advisory Group can help design an exit plan that works for you


We invite you to download our illustrative model as a guide. We will use the model to illustrate the following business exit segments: