Exit Planning: Segment C

does the valuation meet the financial objectives

We now come to a key question - does the valuation meet your financial objective? If yes, we can move to the exit stages. If no, we will complete a complimentary review of your business fundamentals.

Exit Plan Segment C

business exit planning

The Process Flow

  1. Compare the valuation with the financial goal
  2. If it meets the goal, move to the exit stages of the exit plan: Segment E
  3. If no, complete a complimentary review of the business fundamentals: Segment D
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business exit planning

The Business Fundamentals

The business fundamentals comprise the review of four key business parameters:

  1. marketing and e-commerce strategy
  2. financial analysis
  3. business operation
  4. HR and other

The review of the business fundamentals will be discussed on Segment D

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Helpful Tools

Some helpful forms business owners:

exit planning module
selling your business summary sheet
valuation calculators