Exit Planning: Segment F

taking the direct sale as your exit plan

A direct sale involves finding an outside buyer to buy 100% of your company or undertake a merger under a negotiated price.

Exit Plan Segment D

business exit planning

The Process Flow

  1. Set the selling price based on the valuation
  2. Build the confidential memorandum that will be shared with qualified buyers
  3. Develop the business selling plan
  4. Screen buyer / negotiate buying offer
  5. Arrange closing / structure financing
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business exit planning

The Selling Process

The Novars Group has a combined 15 years experience in business selling and acquisition/mergers. We do all of the work necessary to find the right buyer at the right price.

We set the price based on the valuation, build the confidential memo that illustrates the qualitative and quantitative review of the company (this will be shared with qualified buyers), develop the selling plan, screen buyers, negotiate the offer, and finalize the offer and close on the sale. There is zero upfront fees for these services.

See our tools: business selling prep


We have outlined a brief review of the exit planning process. Of course there is much more detail that go into each of these modules.

So give us a call to discuss. Our review is complimentary with zero costs or obligation.

We will walk you through the entire process to address your position and next move.

Helpful Tools

Some helpful forms business owners:

exit planning module
selling your business summary sheet
valuation calculators