For Business Owners Looking to Sell

business selling model

A quick introduction of the CFOne's Business Selling Model. The first thing we do is to assess your businesses readiness for the sale. We then do following:

  • Look at the organization, marketing tactics, the reliance on key personnel, the condition of assets, profitability, and company financial records.
  • Provide tips for improving the value potential and saleability for a business and recommend a time frame to get the business ready for the sale
  • Perform a market valuation of your business using qualified valuation parameters.
  • If the value meets your selling threshold, we will draft an offering summary, sometimes called a confidential business memorandum. This document describes your business in detail and is used throughout the selling process.
  • Create a marketing outline of your business, a teaser that get people interested but maintains your confidentiality
  • Use a developed approach to marketing the business to the widest possible group of potential buyers while maintaining confidentiality throughout.  All of our consultants are trained to maintain strict confidentiality.
  • Maintain a detailed database of active business buyers including a wide range of corporate buyers, private equity groups and individuals.
  • Put all buyers interested in your business through a rigorous buyer qualification process. If they won’t give us the information we require and follow our process then they don’t get to see anything about your business.

Our consultants handle all of the interface discussions between the seller and purchaser. The final phases are contracts, closing and handover.

  • We work with qualified business attorneys who can ensure your interests are being looked after as the contracts are drafted and agreed and the closing takes place.
  • Finally the handover, we assist you and the buyer to develop a detailed handover and integration plan. This helps ensure the business continues to thrive and the sale is a success for all parties.
  • We invite you to review our step-by-step business selling process with applicable FAQs.