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Accounting & Tax

Business Finance: Six Essentials You Need To Keep Better Track Of All Finances

Organizing and keeping track of your business finances can seem like an overwhelming task but it is fundamental to good business practices and financial welfare. When you’re just starting out, there are so many things to keep track of.

Financial Management

5 Suggestions for a Financially Sound Business

Tweet Staying on top of business finances is no simple feat, but with the proper preparation and tools, it can be done. These are five suggestions for creating and maintaining

Small Business Tips

7 Strategies for Small Businesses in the New Year

Tweet No matter, the year is done, a new one has begun, and you are looking for ways to increase your edge in a competitive market. The following seven strategies

Accounting & Tax

Not Financially Savvy? 5 Resources to help you Handle Your Company Finances

From analysis to budgeting, and taxes to audits, there are plenty of things to worry about when it comes to handling the finances for your start up.

M&A Planning

Selling Out: How to Get the Most For Your Business

If you are looking to sell your business the best time to put it on the market may be right now. We are five years removed from the Great Recession and the financial markets are booming.

Entrepreneur Tips

5 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

What makes one entrepreneur a success and the other a failure? Some may say luck, others may cite market conditions, while still others may point to experience.