Business Success Module

Discipline to Success

Discipline is the second ingredient for success. It's the physical and mental action that performs the tasks outlined in your plan. We increase discipline by overcoming the impediments that hinder our progress and building up the attributes that makeup our character.

Impediments are character weaknesses — both physical and mental.

We all have weaknesses; we may be physically weak, socially shy, or lack the aptitude for certain tasks. Many impediments develop early in our lives and define our character and personality. You will need to overcome these impediments to successfully achieve the goals that you want.

Impediments can be found in five distinct character attributes.

We have two physical attributes (physical and physical temperance), two mental attributes (education and social), and one spiritual attribute. We increase discipline by developing and strengthening each attribute.

As we become more physically, mentally, and spiritually stronger, we likewise become more self-confident. We begin to witness positive changes in our character that gives us the inner willpower to succeed.

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