Business Success Module

Introduction: Achieving Success

Success means achieving goals. We all have them. Some of us pursue grand goals. Others are satisfied with goals that are modest.

Whatever their scope, goals are aspirations that help us achieve a measurement of value and satisfaction.

Goals materialize in our dreams.

They become our aspirations of becoming someone we are not, obtaining something we don't have, or reaching a level where we never been before.

Whether we aspire to become a super athlete, scholar, musician, doctor β€” or even the President of the United States β€” goals are the blueprints of our dreams and desires.

The evolution of a goal begins with a 'wish' for something.

We then visualize a plan detailing the tasks needed to achieve our goal. We next discipline ourselves to execute the tasks outlined in our plan. And finally, after consistent effort, we attain our goal β€”or we replace it with another goal.

The process often begins again with a renewed goal and higher aspiration. In generic terms, the life-cycle of a goal can be described as follows:

. . . we dream
. . . we plan
. . . we conquer
. . . we reap the reward.

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