3-Yr Weighted Average Cash Valuation

Enter the Company's Net Cash Position for the following years:

  • current year meaning current YTD,
  • current year -1 meaning last year,
  • current year -2 meaning two years ago
current year
current year - 1
current year - 2
Enter the market current cash multiple
(multiples are generally 2.0-5.0 over net cash - varies by industry and region: see your broker)
3-Yr Weighted Average: $
2-Yr Weighted Average: $
(based on the current market cash multiple over the weighted avg. net cash)
Estimated Market Value 3-Yr avg: $
Estimated Market Value 2-Yr avg: $
(based on the current market cash multiple over current year performance)
Estimated Market Value Current Yr $

* These market assessments are based on the weighted net cash position of the company multipled by a market factor. These are pricing assessments only. A true market valuation must be completed by a licensed valuator. Calculations are based upon the assumptions you entered. Please note that rounding errors can make a small difference in calculations.

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