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Sales Tip #4

to whom to sell your business

Individual Buyers

Corporate downsizing has brought into the market business managers who are looking for new opportunities. These qualified managers see themselves buying and managing an established small business close to home.

The Competition

The competition may buy your business especially if you have a business market niche or product-line that they need. Sometimes it is financially feasible to buy an existing operation than to take the time and capital to build one up.

Businesses Looking to Expand or Compliment Their Product Line

Sometimes an established business in your related field is looking to expand their operations or to move into a new product line or service. It may be a lot cheaper to buy an established operation instead of setting up shop in a new market.

Investment Groups

You may have an investment group looking for investment opportunities. These investment teams will buy companies to divest or merge with similar businesses. They will scrutinize a company very carefully.

Investment Groups buy companies that are in growing markets, have good financials, maintain key management, and meet their investment objectives. They will pay top dollar for a company if these basic elements are in place.

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