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3 out of 4 businesses that are listed for sale will not sell - view tip

Sales Tip #8

many businesses that are listed do not sell

3 out of 4 Businesses That Are Listed for Sale Will Not Sell

It is more difficult to sell a business than real estate. Comparing real estate to another location making it relatively easy to determine and compare value.

There are 1MILLION Realtors all sharing information about properties for sale, all ready to split their commission with other Realtors to ensure the property is sold. That exposure all but assures you that your property will be seen by people interested in and able to make a purchase.

This is not true for a business. The facts about a business, especially a privately owned business are hidden from view and held in confidentiality. This information is ONLY provided to a prospective buyer when the buyer has been qualified to make a buy transaction.

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