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Consultation of Well-Known Immigration Consultant or Your Expertise?

Consultation of Well-Known Immigration Consultant or Your Expertise?
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    Several individuals wonder why people pay a lot of money to the registered immigration consultants/representatives/lawyers/advisors to apply for PR when the procedure for the same is clearly mentioned on the internet, and different informative portals are available providing user-friendly guidance.


Some individuals feel that they may require consultants and advisors in order to understand their eligibility, point’s calculation, and also other additional requirements.

Why should you rely on a well-known immigration consultant?

What do you think is the difference between applying on your own and applying through a consultancy? This seems after the first refusal, several people think and want to file their immigration procedure through representatives/consultants.

Handling the paperwork can be tough for many, and in such cases, you can take the help of a well-known immigration consultant who knows about the different paperwork and documentation Thus, ensuring that you get the formalities completed in time.

They can very well point out the differences between applying their candidature in the documentation, approach, information, etc. The decision to hire a consultant or not has been discussed with several at various platforms, some of the reasons, as quoted by individuals for making this choice is:

  • The applicant is not confident with his/her individual case & application will meet the requirements of the application, as stated by the respective government & law agencies.
  • The applicant lacks information and knowledge about the different submission outlines and rules along with the legislation and requirements of an individual’s case.

    As a result of this, the applicant has more confidence that the application will, hopefully, be accepted.

  • Some key issues might be overlooked when an applicant is filing on their own; this can be corrected by your consultant if you have hired one.

    Mistakes are commonly made, and if you do not discover and correct them before submitting your application, they can not only cause issues but potentially result in refusal of the application.

  • If an individual knows that there are any issues with the application, this should definitely be represented by well-known immigration consultant who know the law requirements and have experience.
  • The forms & requirements are clearly stated, and good guidance is available on the internet forums and various government websites, but however, you may also have realized that several people on this forum have serious concerns about their application after submitting this for numerous reasons, and several others end up receiving a refusal due to errors.
  • Several well-known immigration consultants and agents also provide valuable information and guidance on post-landing formalities that an individual might not understand.
  • By engaging a reliable consultancy, you have a kick-start, which can lead to saving time by years or months, and this may give you unexpected benefits.

While a fair representation & guidance not only can potentially facilitate you to ensure that you have completed your application correctly & have provided the correct documentation, but this also improves the overall chances of your application being accepted. If you are considering taking the help of a representative, you necessarily need to ensure they are authorized.

other valuable tips:

Several applicants apply all by themselves, but hundreds of them are either delayed or refused. This procedure & rules seem to be confusing and need constant updating of the immigration regulations. Immigration website of every country is generally self-explanatory & categorized apparently, but this applies to the specific qualification of an applicant requiring professional inputs.


It is always a good option to seek the consultation of a well-known immigration consultant and utilize their expertise for your immigration-related formalities as they are experts in this field and can make the work easier and faster for you.

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