Five Personal Issues You Should Keep Your Boss Informed About To Avoid Job Loss

Five Personal Issues You Should Keep Your Boss Informed About To Avoid Job Loss
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    All employers expect their employees to live their lives in a way that reflects a positive image on the company. Not living such as life can hurt the company.


Certain issues can cause the employee’s performance to decline, as well. The following are five personal issues that the employee should keep the boss notified of to ensure that he or she keeps the job:

A Disability

An employee should inform the employer of a physical, medical or mental disability no matter how personal the disability is. The person may not have to explain all the details of the disability, but he or she should explain the stresses that may be involved during the recovery period. The employer can then provide resources available that may help. 

Criminal Activity Accusation

Employers have the right to know if their employees are involved in any criminal activity or if the authorities are accusing them of such. Some employers have strict rules that state that they must immediately terminate an employee who does not disclose such information.

Immigration Problems

Immigration problems fall into the same category as criminal issues. The employee may have to spend some time speaking with and working with an immigration attorney like Joshua L. Goldstein to work out possible deportation issues. The employee should respectfully notify the employer of such issues so that the employer can arrange coverage if a deportation occurs.

Death of a Loved One

The death of a loved one can cause great emotional distress, which could cause the employee’s work to decline. It is best for the employee to notify the boss about the loss so that the employer will understand any loss of motivation that occurs shortly after the bereavement leave.

The Need to Take Care of a Loved One

The need to take care of a loved one is another personal issue that an employee should address with the employer. The employee may have to take an intermittent leave to take care of a sick child or an elderly parent or grandparent. Notifying the boss as quickly as possible will allow the person to receive the proper approval.

The previously mentioned situations are just five examples of personal situations that an employee should take to the employer. Many additional situations exist. For the most part, the employee should make the employer aware of any situation that may cause him or her to miss work or lose productivity.



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