Factors That Are Affecting Employee Job Performance

Factors That Are Affecting Employee Job Performance
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    Your business relies on efficient, productive workers to turn a profit.

    As such, it's important to pay attention to your employees' performance.


There are many elements of your workplace and business that can influence productivity. By focusing on the successes, hardships, and other behaviors of your team, you can pinpoint the factors that are affecting employee job performance. This will also help you to figure out where and how to help your team improve.

To help you get started, here are some of the most common aspects of your business that might be impacting your employees’ productivity.

Team Morale

People want to work in positive, supportive environments. When your employees feel valued and respected, they have a sense of purpose and dedication to your business and their role within it.

On the other hand, if employees don’t feel like what they’re doing matters or that no one recognizes their work, it’s harder to stay motivated on the job. Your team’s morale should always be a priority.

Listen to your employees’ concerns, and ask what you can do to help create a supportive, collaborative, and respectful work environment for everyone.

Equipment and Software

Even the best employees will struggle if they don’t have quality, up-to-date, functioning equipment. Broken tools or inefficient software will slow down your employees and prevent them from completing their work efficiently.

These problems can also affect the atmosphere of your workplace, as old or outdated tools give the impression that you don’t prioritize your employees’ needs.

Make sure your employees—and their work—are well cared for by staying on top of equipment repairs and replacements.

Lack of Clear Goals

Every department in your business should have a clear and established set of goals they want to strive toward. Even if these seem obvious, it’s a good idea to have a written set of priorities for your team.

With these goals in mind, your employees have a clear target to focus their efforts on. They don’t have to waste time wondering whether something is part of their job or what they should prioritize first. When everyone knows their goals, they can jump straight into a project and give it their all.

Other Employees

A solid team of employees can help lift each other up and boost overall productivity. On the other hand, employees who don’t work well together create friction and complications in their processes.

other valuable tips:

This is why you want to hire people who will complement each other in the workplace. One of the reasons why companies should run background checks is so you can always make an informed decision about who is going to join your team. Always keep your existing team’s safety and culture in mind when hiring new employees.

Insufficient Training

Training is an essential part of any job, but if it’s not done right, it becomes one of the factors affecting employee job performance. You should review your training process regularly to make sure it stays up-to-date with your team’s goals and methods.

Similarly, you need to provide updated training for your existing employees. Regular refreshers on best practices and industry news can prove beneficial to even the most experienced employees.

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