Employee Safety: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Employee Safety: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
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    For a customer to be happy, an employee must first be happy for him/her to make the customer happy.


And so for a business or any enterprise to experience growth, an employee’s safety must be ensured as this will translate to his/her satisfaction and motivate him/her to perform the duties to the desired level.

Sexual Harassment: Area of Concern

Employee safety revolves around a lot of issues but for now, let us take a look at sexual harassment in the workplace.
The office or place of work is a place where we meet different people, so a lot is bound to happen.

Take the example below:

Mr Yawn is the boss of Smart Collections; he really does not know when to stop when it comes to controlling his sexual urges. He gets all touchy with some of his female employees and he uses obscene language with them. The female employees get so uncomfortable and dealing with the clients becomes a problem to them.

Such an occurrence is not limited to female employees only, even male employees find themselves in the same kind of mistreatment.

It is hard for the employees to take such a case to the HR department since the culprit is the boss and probably so little can be done and one might fear to lose her job in the process.

How to Deal with Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

  • 1. It is not comfortable

    The first thing to do is to acknowledge that this is not comfortable. Let whoever is doing it to you know that it is not right. Don’t make it easy for them to sexually harass you.

  • 2. Be bold and tell

    This might be hard but approach the HR department and inform them what you are going through, they may hear you or they may decide not to but make sure you report. One can also talk to other people besides the HR department.

  • 3. For the management

    Strict policies that will apply even to the topmost member of the company need to be formulated. The management should ensure that the policies are in place and that they apply it to everybody without being biased.

  • 4. For the HR department

    Whenever such a case is presented, the department should approach the matter with seriousness. Even if it is the topmost member that is said to be involved, find ways to let him/her know what is going on and what is at stake. Failure to do this might put the company in jeopardy since some employees might seek legal advice and the company’s name will be ruined.

Safety in the workplace should be ensured especially when it comes to personal issues like the employees’ sexuality. One’s dignity should always be upheld for him/her to perform and have confidence in whatever he/she is doing.

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