Ways to Encourage Employee Health While at Work

Ways to Encourage Employee Health While at Work
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    Running a business is a team effort, with everyone working hard to bring in the numbers and raise revenue.

    Because of this, when it comes to effectively managing a company, ensuring your employees are happy and healthy is a main part of the process.


Not only does this reduce the overall number of sick days employees take throughout the year, but it also keeps your workers focused and working hard. If you want to see additional growth while maintaining a positive and constructive workplace, try some of these ways to encourage employee health.

Keep Healthy Snacks Available

When things get busy, many employees find it easier to purchase a snack from the vending machine rather than putting thought into getting something healthy.

As such, it’s common for workers to adopt poor eating habits during their workday that can eventually take a toll on their health.

Fortunately, this is a pretty simple fix. By making nutritious foods more accessible in the break room, your employees are more likely to make better diet choices that will leave them feeling good in the long run.

Remind Workers to Stay Hydrated

Make your workers aware of why they should stay hydrated and the dangers of not drinking enough water. Dehydration presents several hazards for those on the job.

In fact, the signs and symptoms of dehydration can make it incredibly difficult for a person to perform basic duties effectively. So, as an employer, it’s your job to not only educate your workers on this threat but also to make water easily accessible.

Make Working Out a Team Building Activity

Another effective way to encourage employee health is to incorporate physical activity into some of your team building exercises. It’s common for teams to go out for lunch or participate in a group craft as part of their team building events.

But these, while fun, can get repetitive quickly and cause some of your workers to get bored. Mixing it up every now and then with a workout class can really make a difference in morale and long-term health.

Talk Openly About Stress Levels

Mental health is another crucial component to consider when trying to look out for the well-being of your workers. Though it’s easy to let individuals be alone in their stress, this can grate on them and begin affecting their physical health and productivity.

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As such, by giving them the opportunity to voice their stressors and seek help in working through them, you create a more positive company culture. Additionally, allowing workers to be open about their stress will further increase the level of trust they have in you as their employer.

Provide Tools to Get Workers Moving

Desk jobs have us sitting down for at least eight hours a day. This can cause significant muscle and posture deterioration in the body and make it harder to be active in off hours. For this reason, it’s becoming more common to see employers supply their workers with resources to lower with these risks.

From standing desks that get them out of their chairs to back support cushions for correcting poor posture, these investments improve employee quality of life. As a result, each person is able to stay fit while still getting work done and staying comfortable.

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