4 Major Ways a Desk Job Can Wreck Your Body (and How to Prevent It)

4 Major Ways a Desk Job Can Wreck Your Body (and How to Prevent It)
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    If you’re like many people, you spend many hours every day working behind a desk.

    Even if you work from home or from cafes, you still probably spend lots of time hovering over your laptop or tablet.


This lifestyle has a real impact on your body if you don’t take steps to preserve your health. Let’s look at the top ways a desk job harms your body and some tips to overcome these challenges.

Puts a Strain on Internal Organs

One lesser-known problem associated with sitting all day is damage to the organs, including the heart, pancreas and colon. Sitting for long periods impedes blood flow to the organs. This can result in high blood pressure, higher cholesterol and other serious health issues. To prevent this, make sure you take frequent breaks from sitting. Stand up and stretch regularly. Another solution is to use a standing desk. If you choose this option, be sure to get an elevated chair that is reasonably comfortable. Though you will be standing a lot, you don’t want to hate your experience when you decide to take a break.

Gaining Weight

Spending too much time behind your desk can lead to weight gain and obesity. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the main causes of today’s obesity epidemic. The only antidote to this challenge is getting regular exercise. In addition to working out on a regular basis, be as active as possible during the work day. Even walks around the office during breaks can help. Take stairs instead of escalators and elevators. If possible, walk or cycle to work instead of driving.

Poor Posture

One consequence of working on a computer all day is poor posture. This can cause many short-term and long-term problems, including lower back pain, stiff neck and strained shoulders. Slouching over a computer or cradling your phone between your shoulder and ear are some common practices that contribute to these problems. Pay attention to your posture. Visiting Fulk Chiropractic or another provider in your area can give some relief from back, neck and shoulder pain.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or CTS is a condition that’s become prevalent in the modern world. Typing on a computer, tablet or smartphone for hours takes its toll on your joints. CTS causes pain, tingling or stiffness in the hands and wrists. One way to alleviate this problem is to regularly stretch your hands and wrists. Pay attention to the position of your hands when using keyboards and adjust if necessary. There are also devices such as braces and ergonomic keyboards that help to protect the joints while you work.

Sitting at a desk may seem like a safe way to spend the day. It turns out, however, that there are many health risks associated with this lifestyle. Make sure you maintain good posture while working and get regular exercise. A good chiropractor can help with pain relief and advise you on healthier habits.



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