Financial Management

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Financial Management

5 Cardinal Rules of Improved Business Processes

Owning a business often means that you are going to need to collect, pay and transfer both small and large sums of money. There are many methods of doing this, and some of them are more quick and convenient than others.

Financial Management

Elusive Profits and How to Change That

To thrive as a small business, you need to make money. If you do not turn a profit, then your days as a going concern may be numbered.

Financial Management

5 Suggestions for a Financially Sound Business

Tweet Staying on top of business finances is no simple feat, but with the proper preparation and tools, it can be done. These are five suggestions for creating and maintaining

Financial Management

CPA Tax Tips for Savvy Business Owners

Tweet By mid-April your federal and state taxes should be filed and one less burden will be on your shoulders. At least until next year. Here’s what you can do

Accounting & Tax

Not Financially Savvy? 5 Resources to help you Handle Your Company Finances

From analysis to budgeting, and taxes to audits, there are plenty of things to worry about when it comes to handling the finances for your start up.


About Borrowing Money for Your Small Business

There may come a point in your small business ownership where you will want to borrow money. That money may come in handy to help you purchase equipment, expand your location or even to help you meet payroll.

Raising Capital

4 Methods For Finding Small Business Funding

If your small business needs a capital infusion, turning to your bank is a logical option. Even so, your bank is not the only place you should look nor will you be guaranteed a loan based simply on your current business relationship.

Raising Capital

Where to Find Investors For Your Business

Not all small business models are conducive to seeking investors. Typically, technology and medical innovators have the best opportunity for securing funding.


5 Suggested Ways To Invest Your Money

As the financial crisis looms across the whole world, making the best investment decision is a hard choice to make due to uncertain market conditions.


About Small Business Administration Backed Loans

If you think that you can turn to the Small Business Administration (SBA) for a direct loan, then think again. Although the SBA does lend money, there are many restrictions in place that will rule out many businesses.

Financial Management

Business Loan Risks You Must Overcome

As a small business operator you may need access to a line of credit, money that can see you through a cash flow problem.


Using a Home Equity Line of Credit for Business

You need access to cash to run and maintain your business. But for some small businesses in these economic times, banks have withdrawn or limited credit lines that businesses need to operate.

Financial Management

5 Areas Where Your Business is Probably Losing Money

Despite all efforts to avoid it, even the most profitable company is likely losing money. It can be a tough journey, making sure every aspect of production isn’t losing a penny but the fact is that’s not always the reality.


Pros and Cons of Seller Financing

Tweet Small businesses that are being sold in this tough economy are almost guaranteed to go with seller financing in order to close the deal. Most lenders have tightened up