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Employee Issues

Tips for Firing a Problem Employee

Tweet There may come a time when you must fire an employee. Not just any employee, but one who has presented problems, has been repeatedly disciplined and shows no sign

Building Management

How to Improve Your Business’s Curb Appeal

Tweet Good curb appeal can really aid in bringing in potential customers to a business. The store front is the first thing a person will see, thereby making or breaking


About Borrowing Money for Your Small Business

Tweet There may come a point in your small business ownership where you will want to borrow money. That money may come in handy to help you purchase equipment, expand

Business Security

What Every Business Needs To Protect Confidential Information

Tweet Every day, businesses find themselves troubled with the problems of important information leaking into the wrong hands. In many cases this information is confidential, compromising not only the business


You Can Attract New Customers to Your Store

Tweet Your sales are down, your competition is closing in and you are worried about the long-term prognosis for your store. Welcome to the world of retailing where uncertainty is

Operations Management

5 Ways to Ensure Your Business Plant Remains Running Efficiently

Tweet Whether you own your own business plant or you are managing it, you know that it is always in your best interests to make sure that it runs smoothly.


A Public Relations Plan You Can Implement

Tweet Your business has a message, one that you are eager to get out. That message should be disseminated through a public relations plan designed to help you find new

Building Management

3 Signs You Need New Windows for Your Office Building

Tweet It’s always a good idea to replace damaged windows with new, energy efficient models, but it can be difficult to figure out when it’s time to replace windows that

Sales Management

First Tradeshow? Avoid Making a Big Mistake with these Tradeshow “Don’ts”

Tweet Although a tradeshow can be a great way to network and get your brand out into the community, many businesses fall flat when they fail to prepare. A tradeshow

M&A Planning

What Is Your Business Worth?

Tweet Do you know how much your business is worth? Finding an answer to that question can be elusive, but it is something you can uncover. There are a number

Business Planning

Essentials of a Business Action Plan

Tweet You have a business plan in place, what provides a blueprint on how your enterprise will be run. Beyond the business plan, an action plan is necessary for carrying

Other Business Topics

Taking Stock: Five Things You Didn’t Know You Needed for Your Business

Tweet When managing your business for the year, you need to think about everything that will make your process run more smoothly. The five items listed below are designed to

Raising Capital

4 Methods For Finding Small Business Funding

If your small business needs a capital infusion, turning to your bank is a logical option. Even so, your bank is not the only place you should look nor will you be guaranteed a loan based simply on your current business relationship.

Marketing Management

7 Lessons Gamers Can Teach Brand Marketers

Tweet The video game industry and the gamers that fuel it have a lot to teach brand marketers. Successful video game franchises build buzz, engage users and make it easy

Business Management

How to Turn Around a Flagging Business

Tweet Your business has taken its lumps and it isn’t where it should be. If things do not change its very future may be in jeopardy. A flagging business is

Employee Management

How to Become a Leader in Working

Tweet Do you have what it takes to be a good boss? Workers critically observe the performance of our heads; we question your work style, their choices, their way of