Not Financially Savvy? 5 Resources to help you Handle Your Company Finances

Not Financially Savvy? 5 Resources to help you Handle Your Company Finances
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    From analysis to budgeting, and taxes to audits, there are plenty of things to worry about when it comes to handling the finances for your start up.


Perhaps you are a business guru, but the financial side of business isn’t within your skill set. If you are not financially savvy, there are a few resources that can make up for what you lack when it comes to handling the finances for your company.

Look to the following forms of technology to help you manage company finances, and never get frustrated with spreadsheets and calculators again. 


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Designed to aid those in accounting, InDinero manages all financial accounts tied to the business. From the credit card to the bank account, it tracks both incoming and outgoing money to provide you with a summary of your overall finances. Pooling everything in one place is a much quicker way for you to see just how well you’re doing each quarter. If you struggle with budgeting and watching cash flow, InDinero will eliminate any surprises and keep you fully updated with every expense.

Fresh Books

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Let’s face it, invoices are a hassle to create. Fresh Books was created to streamline the invoicing process. It allows you to create professional looking sheets and can support up to 50 different employees using it. One of the best benefits, however, is that it links directly to InDinero, automatically updating the sales made.


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Finances are a broad category that can even include subscription based sales. Giving you a way to track these in addition to allowing you to alter the conditions of each type of subscription or create special offers, Chargify is making the process easier than it’s ever been. Gone are the days of anger over mismanaged coupons and specials. You can now easily manage promotions and subscriptions and more easily track them, instead of manually monitoring and wasting time.

TurboTax Personal Pro

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Taxes are an essential part to successfully managing any business, no matter how convoluted the paper work is. Many new business owners struggle during tax season due to confusing paperwork and a lack of organization. TurboTax Personal Pro is a gathering place of many tax professionals that you can reach out to. It gives you the power to compare a host of services all in one place, saving you the hassle of extended and annoying internet searches. Its best benefit is that it lets you set your price and only shows results that match those qualifications.


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Expensify is the answer to confusing or frustrating expense reports. Instead of spending hours nagging employees to turn in their receipts, you simply scan them in and import the period’s credit transactions. The program does the rest by building the report for you. Less time scratching your head about handwriting means more time you can use to tackle other projects.

No matter if you are green behind the ears or a seasoned veteran, help with managing finances is always welcome. Small mistakes in your budget, records, or taxes can lead to big problems for the business down the line, so don’t be shy about accepting a little help. With so many financial programs and technology resources at our fingertips, there is no reason to stay confounded about the financial side of your business—enlist a little help and become a small business financial pro today.

The information for this article was provided by the professionals at Stetson University who provide a masters degree in accounting online.



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