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Responsible Business Behavior: Preserving Natural Resources

Tweet However, there are several solutions that businesses can apply in order to reduce energy expenses and ultimately, save money. Laptops vs. desktops The blunt truth is that laptop computers

Employee Issues

Six Ways Your Company Can Put An End To Discrimination In The Workplace

Discrimination is a problem that must be dealt with in every workplace. You cannot turn a blind eye to the issue. Being proactive about discrimination is the best solution, even if it was never a problem encountered in the past.

Operations Management

Business Basics: Organization Tips to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

To keep your business running smoothly, you need to ensure that your office is organized. Being organized means that you won’t spend hours searching for a document, or forget to perform a task because you lost the paperwork in the mounds of paper on your desk.

Information Technology

Word of Mouth: How Modern Office Communication is Changing

Traditional offices manage information, customer relations, and business activities through desk phones, computers, and fax machines. Today, technology has revolutionized how customers interact with companies, seek customer service, and purchase products or services.

Training & CE

Employee Education and Advertising Wrap Up

While recruiting, employers look for the best people who are are able to fulfill all their requirements. But at times, companies require employees to be trained in niche segments as per the demands of the business.


Employee of the Month: How to Pinpoint Your Hardest Working Employees

A high employee turnover rate is something every business wants to avoid. It’s not only important to keep all your staff happy, but to recognize and reward your hardest working employees.

Business News

5 High-Profile Class Action Lawsuits and What Your Company Can Learn From Them

A class action lawsuit is a claim brought against a company or organization. Some of the most publicized cases have changed every aspect of American history, from legislation itself to popular culture.


8 Reasons why You Should Consider Outsourcing for Your Business

Outsourcing comes in diverse forms. It could be a business process outsourcing for non-core enterprise systems, professional knowledge, as well as long-term tasks

Financial Management

Startup Success: Low-Risk Tips for Small Businesses

Tweet So far, your risks have paid off. But what can you do to ensure the next few steps in your start-up company lead to success? 1. Closely Monitor Your

Training & CE

Continuing Education for Your Employees: Soft Skills Training

Whenever you are thinking of training, you think of the various skills that are required for your business. The focus is basically on technical aspects.


Why Networking is Essential to Business Success

You’ve probably heard a lot about networking if you’ve attended business school or you run your own company.

Employee Issues

Having Trouble With Your Employees? Here are 5 Tips for Dealing With Employee Issues

As employees, we have come across different types of people with different personalities, beliefs, cultures and ways of thinking. Well, I have no problem at all with that.

Other Business Topics

Sensible Water Management in Your Office

Even with the increasing number of environmentally responsible businesses, there are some office habits that don’t seem to change, and one of them is poor water rationalization.

Information Technology

Top 5 Business Software Tools Every Small Business Should be Using

Most small business operations don’t have a big budget for software, but with these top 5 business software tools you will be able to improve productivity and efficiency without paying through the teeth.

M&A Planning

How to Determine What Your Business is Worth

Many small business owners today only have a vague idea of how much their business is actually worth. Assessing the value of a company often takes place as a prelude to a major change, and is usually extremely time-consuming.

Employee Safety

How the Safety of Your Employees Impacts Your Profits

You may be looking at employee safety as just a legal requirement. But the fact remains that it has a huge impact on your sales figures too.