How Personal Checks can be Used to Sustain a Personal Touch for Your Small Business

How Personal Checks can be Used to Sustain a Personal Touch for Your Small Business
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    Business is slowly evolving and it’s no longer enough to create a unique company identity, you also need to promote your employees as individuals, connect with the community, and strengthen ties with loyal customers.


This personal touch fosters repeat business by creating bonds between your employees and your customers and allows you to grow your business locally and more personally in the community.

The problem is many actions related to business are already established as business transactions. Customer support occurs in a take-a-number-and-wait form, few employees introduce themselves rather than the business they work for, and employees are trained to give the company credit for making customers content.

One of the best ways to revitalize your personal touch is through the use of personalized checks for your employees. Let’s examine the reasons you’ll want to do this to better understand why this can dramatically boost the amount of business your company experiences.

A Real Name

Business checks use your business account and perhaps have to go through a few different parties. Customers and other businesses dealing with your employees and money may not even know whom the check is from when they receive it.

By using a personalized check, your customers can have a name and a face to go along with their transactions. This makes for an excellent way for people interacting with your business to keep track of whom they interacted with just by looking at the name on the check.

The best part is this allows customers to register a real person’s face alongside with the name on the check and makes it possible for them to ask for the person who gave them the check. When customers can easily identify you as a business owner and your employees, it may help them more easily resolve problems and get to know employees who they enjoy communicating with.

Employee Pride

One problem many businesses face is when their employees feel just like drones in a hive. They have no sense of recognition, which means they have no motivation to go above and beyond the baseline requirements for keeping their jobs. This can result in subpar work, which in turn can make your customers unhappy. It encourages less-than-helpful practices like extended holds, and passing the buck.

By allowing your employees to form a sense of identity as it relates to their job, you foster an environment where they can be prideful of how well they conduct themselves. This falls in line with the same mentality that the “Employee of the Month” produces, except this kind of personalization can apply to far more than just one employee. When you can provide employee’s paycheck on a personal check from you or your business, they can feel part of a team and more connected to you. You can also avoid wage and overtime disputes when you have a perfect personal track record on your checks.

The end result of this employee pride is your customers will ultimately be served better than they would be otherwise. This produces better business results for you, which in turn produces loyal customers who work to actively help your business succeed.


Personality is the spice of life. It gives customers something to be attracted to while allowing your employees to really make their jobs something that they own. There are few better ways to personalize an employee’s job than by using personalized checks. They can accentuate their position, give a sense of purpose, and give your employees a reason to become just that much friendlier with your customers and anyone else whom your business deals with.

Consider the process involved with making out a personalized check. An employee must write out the check and make idle conversation while doing so. This allows your employee’s unique personality to flourish, which in turn makes your business different from every other one. The result is that your business begins to flourish. You’ll expand because your customers will remember your employees based on their interests and personalities as well.


Tracking where funds go and how they’re used is often a messy task. This is especially true with business accounts, as it’s hard to identify the employee whom wrote the check. Personalized checks offer an easy way to keep who spends what straight. You’ll also retain security in the event that check fraud occurs, as your employee will be able to carry a backup of the checks that they have made within their checkbook.

When the security involving your business funds increases, the amount of money you have to budget towards potential losses decreases significantly. This allows you to expand your business even more.

Personalization is the one thing that can set your business apart from the competition. Utilizing personalized checks is just one of the ways you can differentiate your business from the others without incurring any significant extra expenses. Add the fact that personalized checks can offer an extra layer of security and reliability, and they become one of the most desirable tools to use within your business. Implement a more personal touch with your business to see how your business can grow.

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