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Business Security

The Need for Local Councils to Source Multiple Types of Security Solutions

If you work on a local council, it’s a good idea to source multiple types of security solutions, rather than rely upon a single type of security solution. And it’s also a good idea to source these solutions from the same supplier, rather than relying upon multiple security solutions providers.


The Crucial Roles of Celebrities and Social Media in Advertising and Promotion

Marketing is a technique of identifying consumers’ wants and needs, as well as having the capacity to allocate goods and products that meet their wants and needs.

Business Management

Bad Rap: Six Companies Who Were Able To Turn Their Reputations Around

Almost everyone in a management, or even a public sector position, knows that a company is only as good as the person that heads it.

Sales Management

Sales Management Based on Customer Requirements

As we all know, sales management refers to the complete process of defining the market and chalking out processes in order to present the offerings and servicing this market.


Critical Insights for Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

According to the Dept. of Labor, over 270,000 workers’ compensation claims have been filed from January to July of 2015. During these seven months, over nine billion dollars of compensation and medical bills have been paid.

Employee Issues

Perfect Employee Management to Reduce Attrition

Once a company employs somebody, it assumes that the compensation package is enough to keep the person motivated and provide his best. Problems arise when the business is faced with issues of low motivation, lack of responsibility, poor discipline, and eventually a high attrition rate.

Employee Management

5 Helpful Tips for Managers on Handling an Employee Charged with a DUI

Tweet When one of your employees gets a DUI, you may wonder what recourse of action you should take to minimize the impact of this charge on the business. You


Are you cash strapped? Here is the Easy Way to Own a Home and Make Huge Profits

Have you ever desired to own a home but your income won’t let you? The good news is that you can still make your dreams come true through buy to let mortgages. These mortgages are becoming an increasingly popular way of funding the purchase of rental homes.

Information Technology

Five Ways Your Business is Failing at Online Security

According to a recent report by Symantec, five out of every six large companies were targeted by advanced hackers in 2015. This is a 40 percent increase since last year, and online attackers are now using “highly targeted spear-phishing attacks” while most companies are still using their old online security tactics.

Employee Management

Employee Management: Establishing an Employee Empowered Work Environment

Employee management is an essential part of the workforce. It aids in understanding the shared goal of the organization.

Building Management

Hints on Keeping Your Commercial Property Organized and Clean

Imagine working in a filthy environment: dirty tiles, cluttered desk and a stink that attacks your nostrils from the very second you enter your office.

Customer Service

Enhance Sales With Efficient Customer Service

The Biggest Mistake That Businesses Make.

Building Management

The Benefits And Risks Of Relocating Your Office To A Bigger Space

Real estate professionals often say that location is everything. However, changing demographics, customer needs and local business developments may motivate you to relocate your office.

Entrepreneur Tips

How You can Dominate a Niche With Affiliate Marketing: 3 Steps

Are you a young entrepreneur who wants to take their venture to the next level? Have you considered Affiliate Marketing, but aren’t quite sure whether it’s really for you?


How to Take Your Business to the Next Level With Blogs

Having a blog can be one of the best tools for promoting your business and staying in touch with your customers and prospects. It’s not difficult to start a blog; there are many free and low cost platforms where you can get started in a few minutes.


5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Embrace Internet Marketing

Over the years, the Internet has really changed how businesses and marketers carry out their marketing activities. Over 3 billion people around the world access the Web on a regular basis either through hand-held devices or PC.

Marketing Management

How to Take Your Small Business Marketing to the Next Level

According to a recent Forbes magazine article, content marketing is used by over 60 percent of businesses.