Cut Back On Monthly Utility Bills With These 3 Energy Saving Options

Cut Back On Monthly Utility Bills With These 3 Energy Saving Options
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    Whether you own a home or business, you have likely had to make adjustments to your quarterly budget more than once because of a higher-than-expected electric bill.


You can easily cut costs and take back control of your budget with these three simple tips:

Seal All Holes

Holes of any size near windows and doors, around electrical outlets, radiator pipes and air vents, at the edges of flooring behind stoves and under cabinets and elsewhere allow temperature-controlled air to seep outside and extremely high and low temp air and odors from outdoors to come inside.

Holes also do more than alter the quality of internal air and temperatures: they give insects, rodents and other pests’ access to a structure’s interior. Use a combination of sealing products, including patch plaster and wire mesh, caulk, weather stripping and gap foam, to close these holes permanently.

Install Outlet Timers

Many types of electronics continue to drain power from electrical outlets after they switch to a sleep mode or you power them off. Modern electricity-powered convenience products often have internal clocks and batteries, monitoring systems that sit in standby waiting for usage and charging bricks or direct chargers attached to them. Cell phones, hibernating TVs, digital clocks, electric toothbrushes, computers, printers and similar products are considered "vampires" hiding throughout homes and businesses.

To save energy, install timers that cut outlet power entirely at a preset time every day after connected products are no longer in use and sufficient time has passed for batteries to recharge, as applicable. To keep track of the time, invest in clocks that use battery backups.

Add Supplemental Power

You do not have to rely only on energy from your utility company to provide power to your home or office. For example, you can heat and cool a structure and maintain comfortable interior temperatures using less utility-sourced power and a geothermal heating, ventilation and air conditioning system that utilizes subterranean heat and cold temperatures in winter and summer, respectively.

Another option is a solar power system that utilizes products like those found through ML Solar. Solar power systems with solar panels and other devices convert solar energy into electricity. With a backup whole-structure battery, you can also store that power to use during utility company power outages.

Although these energy saving options require investments of your time and money, they are well worth the cost because of savings they provide over the years. Overtime you will notice savings in your budget which can then be used for other needs throughout the company.



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