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Information Technology

Six Simple Ways a Business Can Improve Efficiency

There are many ways for a business to gain an advantage in a very competitive market. One of these options is improving the efficiency of your operations to lower your overhead expenses.

Marketing Management

Business Referrals and How to Get Them

Your business with either thrive or die based on the referrals you receive. That may sound like an outlandish statement, but if you were to carefully examine how your customers found you, more than likely a significant number came onboard because they were referred by others to you.


Utilizing Business Resource Centers: 5 Tasks Small Businesses Should Consider Outsourcing

According to the U.S Census Bureau there are over 22 million non-employer (without employees) small businesses. It is no surprise that most small business owners are overwhelmed with the numerous tasks they must perform daily in order to grow their business and stay afloat.

Marketing Management

The Secrets of Effective Content Marketing

Getting the word out about your enterprise can involve a number of methods, including small ads, word-of-mouth, and collateral marketing. Another way to raise awareness is to use your website as an information resource for your customers.

Business Management

Secret to Success: Six Traits of Highly Successful Businesses You Should Follow

Some businesses fail within their first year, and other businesses continuously generate and attract massive success. For this reason, savvy entrepreneurs want to know the secret formula that will guarantee that their business endeavors will produce amazing returns on their investments of time and money.

Entrepreneur Tips

What Every Franchise Owner Should Know

If you are considering launching your own business, franchising is a popular way to help you get there. There are literally thousands of franchise opportunities available ranging from the well known — such as McDonald’s — to the more obscure.

Employee Safety

Workplace Safety: How To Promote Safe Habits For Employees

Tweet Employees can ill afford time off for avoidable accidents which makes workplace safety an issue for them as well. There are ways to promote safe habits for employees in

Business Management

The Top Ten Tips to Managing a Successful Business

Tweet Quality Products Whether you are selling insurance or used cars, offer only the best products that customers will actually appreciate. Trying to make a quick deal on a bad

Financial Management

Elusive Profits and How to Change That

To thrive as a small business, you need to make money. If you do not turn a profit, then your days as a going concern may be numbered.

Employee Safety

Six Tips for Increasing Productivity and Limiting Sick Days of Employees

Tweet Offer an incentive program Give employees with perfect attendance over a six-month period a bonus and recognition. Names can be announced in the company newsletter or website, and a

Inventory Management

Retailers: How to Avoid the Markdown Trap

Tweet Of course, you could pack up those Christmas decorations or outdoor living furniture and stow those items until demand returns the following year. Likely, you are like every other

Entrepreneur Tips

Starting Your Own Medical Practice? Six Essentials You Need For Success

Medical school and residency do little to prepare a doctor for the business side of medicine. Every physician electing to start their own practice must consider their business foundation.

Small Business Tips

8 Money Saving Tips for the New Business Owner

The entrepreneur is just another word for Bootstrapper, an individual who has started a business with pluck and determination, but perhaps without the financial resources to make it big from the start.

Sales Planning

Convention Coming Up? 4 Ways to Prepare Your Business

The conventions in your industry are some of the best marketing opportunities of the entire year. However, you will need to prepare your business for the onslaught of preparation that you must do upfront as well as the traffic that you will surely generate on the back end.


Five Tried and True Ways to Keep your Manufacturing Running Smooth in Freezing Temperatures

When the weather gets cold, businesses face a series of challenges. Fluids, including lubricants, must be kept at the manufacturer’s recommended temperatures to work effectively.

M&A Planning

Richmond Valuation Methods: What May Work For You

In the very near future you plan to sell you business and, if you’re smart about it, you will use a business broker to assist you. A business broker can help determine the value of your business. Moreover, he can bring to you potential buyers, people he has vetted to ensure their ability to buy and manage your enterprise.

Information Technology

Unhackable: Protecting Your Network Email from Being Compromised

Almost everyone has their own email account and receives multiple emails in a day. The problem that many individuals face is their network email accounts being hacked and compromised.

Employee Management

Only the Best: How to Vet Your Candidates

Employers do not undertake the hiring process by searching for candidates that will not measure up. Yet, selecting employees that do not fit the bill is all too common, what will ultimately cost your company in productivity and morale.

Employee Safety

Don’t Let Your Employees Down by Forgetting These Safety Precautions

Every employee has the right to work in a workplace that is free of hazards and dangers that will seriously injure or harm him or her. In the U.S., The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ensures safe and healthy working conditions for employees.