Going Green: 4 Ways Your Business Can Be More Eco-Friendly

Going Green: 4 Ways Your Business Can Be More Eco-Friendly
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    To “go green” is to elect a sustainable and renewable way of living.

    Living a green lifestyle means that you make a dedicated effort to reduce, reuse, and recycle as frequently as possible.


By opting to go green as a business, you and your employees will gradually change your working (and potentially entire) lifestyle to reduce the carbon footprint your company has on the environment.

By following these five tips, you can have a green business in no time.

Pick Post-Consumer Waste (PCW)

How much paper waste does your company produce each month? By switching to post-consumer waste in paper, paper products, and packaging, you’ll use 45% less energy and create half of the waste you did prior to making the change. Benefits of using 100% post-consumer waste include:

  1. Reduces logging for fiber
  2. Conserves energy
  3. Conserves water
  4. Reduces air and water pollution
  5. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions

If you’re unable to find 100% PCW, look for second-best options that have as much PCW as possible and make an extra-dedicated effort to recycle all paper scraps.

Walk, Bike, Ride, or Bus

Encourage your employees to leave their cars at home. Aside from nixing that dreaded commute, you and your employees will no longer contribute to the 20% of emissions produced by cars and trucks. Walking, biking, taking the bus, and car-pooling can help cut back on these emissions and, better yet, studies are showing that walking or biking to work may make you and your employees happier.

If possible, consider having employees work from a home office once or twice a week. Modern technology can keep you connected, efficient and productive, and having a day or two without having to fire-up the office can save you big bucks on your business’s energy bill.

Cut Back On Water Usage

By cutting back on the water your business uses, you’ll save money and help conserve one of our most valuable resources. Consider the following ways you can reduce water usage at the office:

  1. Fix dripping taps and plumbing leaks
  2. Install low-flow toilets and smart faucets that conserve water
  3. Use drought-tolerant landscape or use a drip system to water your landscape. You can also install rain sensors so your watering system doesn’t operate while it’s raining
  4. Use Energy Star laundry appliances (if applicable)
  5. Use high-efficiency pressure washers for cleaning jobs
  6. Make hand sanitizer readily available for all employees and guests

Recycle And Reuse

Each year, the U.S. produces over two million tons of E-waste – only 27% of which is recycled. If your business is replacing electronics like computers, monitors, tablets, smart boards, smartphones, etc., that are no more than 5 years old, make an effort to reach out to local charities and schools, inquire with the distribution company about earning credit for trading these electronics in, or post them on eBay for Charity. 

Similarly, if your business is undergoing construction or renovation, try to preserve cabinets, desks, tubs, toilets, appliances, lumber, etc. and donate them to Habitat for Humanity.

By establishing your business as a “green” company, you’ll stand out above competition by eliminating waste, saving money, and working to better the environment.

Author Bio:
Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She enjoys Tennis and spending time with her family. She recommends looking into places like Legend Solar for more information on making your business more eco-friendly.



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